Thursday, July 10, 2008

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Thailand unveils locally-developed bullet proof jacket.
BANGKOK, July 9 (TNA) – The Thailand Textile Institute unveiled a locally-developed bullet proof jacket which is much less expensive than the imported Kevlar fabric, it was announced Wednesday.,
Dr. Somprasong Phasaprathet of Rajamangala University of Technology Thanyaburi (RUT) said the Thai-developed product has a quality standard having parity with the imported versions.
Dr. Somprasong, who led a team of researchers in developing the body armour suit, said the locally made jackets cost about Bt20,000 (US $ 597)(INR 15.750 say Rs.16.000)each, while an imported version cost double.
The innovation uses 100 per cent locally-sourced material and was the pioneer project of the textile industry, under the supervision of the Thailand Textile Institute.
The bullet proof jacket uses 80 layers of technical textile weighs around Kg 4-4.5 which was the same weight as a Kevlar bullet proof jackets, Dr.Somprasong said.
It would be issued to officials working in high-risk areas in Thailand's four southernmost provinces.
RUT Thanyaburi's Department of Textile Engineering developed technical textile bullet proof jacket with support from the Ministry of Defence.
Dr.Somprasong said that the project began three years ago with financial support from Ministry of Defence, Thailand Textile Institute with the objective to produce the bullet proof jacket for domestic use.
Having lower-priced body protection gear means that the same budget could cover the production cost of more jackets, he said, adding that the team of researchers planned to develop the product to compete in the world market.
Moreover, the local innovation had already passed the standards test of the Defence Industry and Energy Centre, Ministry of Defence, he added. (TNA)

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