Wednesday, July 9, 2008

[ Technical Textiles - Milk Fiber - Yarn & Cloth ]

After many years of painstaking study, the milk protein fiber research, development and industrialization of scale production was Completed by Shanghai zhengjia milkfiber sci & tech co ., ltd , which created a new fields in China's textile fibers.
Shanghai zhengjia milkfiber sci & tech co ., ltd is the largest producer of milk fiber in china, the country's leading enterprises, its production process is better than Japan Toyobo technology. "Family" companies not to milk protein fiber research and development and application of the performance, and market development team will be led by promoting milk fiber market so that the "family" of milk fiber real leadership from this new era of fiber revolution.
Zhengjia milk protein fiber, as the 3-Generation fiber in the wake of natural fiber (1-G fiber) and synthetic fiber (2-G fiber), features the combination of advantages of the both predecessors and boasts more reliable health care and natural bacteriostatic functions.
Zhengjia milk protein fiber, as verified by Shanghai Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, conforms to the relative stipulations in EEC-released ECO-100 (Textile Eco-Chemical Standards), namely, "Textile exports shall be neutral or slightly acid" and "No cancer-causing or azo dyes is allowed", with the milk silk content accounting for 100% and the PH value being 6.80, indicating the applicability to human skin.Production process,
Zhengjia-branded milk protein fiber is made by dehydrating liquid milk before degreasing and mixing it into milk slurry after the addition of softener. Then, the milk slurry is made into silk milk through wet spinning and other technological finishing processes.
Production process of milk fiber.
Milk fiber is the graft copolymer of casein and AN.
Technology with Eco-Clean Production.

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