Thursday, August 14, 2008

[ Technical Textiles - G3i Technology Innovations LLC ]

Technology G3i has developed a solution to a fundamental technical problem, namely, the capability to uniformly functionalize (or coat) the surface of small (nano- and micro-sized particles) with functional moieties (or molecules) while maintaining a stable colloidal suspension. There are broadly two main classes of technologies that enable surface functionalization of nanomaterials - high temperature (vapor) processes and low temperature (solution) processes. High temperature processes are commonly practiced but limit materials choice and are difficult to scale. Low temperature solution processes, while more desirable, are less practiced because of a fundamental technological barrier. This barrier is related to the surface charge associated with the colloidal nanomaterial and that of the surface materials. Simply stated, the surface coating process generally disrupts the surface charge on the nanomaterial which is necessary for maintaining its stability and results in the formation of a gel-like agglomerate that cannot be utilized further. G3i has developed a technology that enables exactly this process - functionalizing the surface of a nanomaterial with an oppositely charged surface-function material - in a fashion that results in low viscosity, uniformly surface functionalized nanomaterial colloids. This process, called 'SF-NanoTM', is low cost, enables high quality and is capable of producing large (multiple tons/day) quantities. G3i technology is based upon expertise in fundamental surface-chemistry. While the knowledge and design of solution-reaction processes is public domain information, the founders of G3i have developed a unique and patentable process for surface functionalization of nanomaterials.

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