Tuesday, August 19, 2008

[ Technical Textiles - Yueqing Sailaoqi Gauze Filter Co., Ltd. ]

The medicine use to filter net cloth:The material gather the Amide (PA6 - 6), the adoption nylon list silk the high nicety draw up.

▲ The product lose the liquid(blood) machine at be applicable to use to filter, the filter is in addition to Doing not dissolve the particle and the blood in the blood of sex to solidify in the medicine liquid,

The medicine liquid filter a net to open bore size: 15μm± are 3μms.The blood transfusion filter a net to open bore size:170μm~ are 200μms.(open the bore size deviation smallest)

▲The medicine(blood) use to filter a net to clean a condition:Have 10000 the class decontamination car, and put a fabric to clean between each the decontamination car.Hot original:The germ endotoxin is small in the 0.125 EU/mL.

Technique index: 1.Filter rate:85%(Exceed 80% of national standard) 2.Velocity of flow:the NaCl solution should not less than 1000ml whthin 10 min under the 1m static pressure head. 3.Granule pollution:the 15μm -25μm granule in the 200ml solution should not exceed 1pcs/ml, The granule bigger than 25μm should not exceed 0.5 pcs/ml 4.Heat source:the interior toxicity in bacteria should be less than 0.5Eu/ml
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