Tuesday, September 2, 2008

[ Technical Textiles - Again it's Israel.]

If the Skin fits, wear it! [VIDEO]
By Karin Kloosterman.
September 01, 2008.
As the seasons progress and the school year starts again, it seems that footwear hasn't changed much since the ancient Mesopotamians started wearing sandals 3,500 years ago. Fast-forward to the Third Millennium. A new company, called Skins, is out to create a paradigm shift in the footwear department. Its products have already started appearing in US stores, but the big launch is planned for next February. Celebrities are lining up for their own custom-made Skins, and bloggers all over the net are making videos about the new shoe. But what's all the hype about? - Technical Textiles makes you carry even 6 pairs of shoes in your suit case.

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