Friday, March 31, 2023

[ Hosiery machine specialist begins ITMA countdown.]

Brescia - Italian sock knitting machine manufacturer Busi Giovanni 
will attend this summer's ITMA exhibition in Milan where it will 
demonstrate its latest machinery developments as well as its 
comprehensive provision of useful on-demand services and software 

Over the last couple if years, the Brescia-based firm has reorganized 
its full range of knitting machines into three distinctive lines in 
order to help its customers' investment and decision-making process.

As the demands of the sock and hosiery markets continue to evolve, 
Busi Giovanni has made considerable advances in developing new technology 
and upgrading its existing models. It now offers an expanding portfolio 
of specialist knitting machines, ranging from technology for the production 
of children’s socks to single cylinder knitting machines, equipped with 
dial needles for the production of medical compression socks in 
Compression Classes 1, 2 and 3.

The full range of machines has now been divided into three distinctive 
lines: Gold, Platinum, Medical in order to help customers decide the 
type of machines needed for their socks.

The Gold line includes Busi's superior sock-knitting machines for 
first-class socks for babies, children, and adults (both women and men) 
positioned in the Premium market segment.

These machines offer a number of advantages over other machines 
in the market such as systems with needles in the dial that can 
guarantee very high precision when knitting true rib, which, the 
company says, is recognised as the high quality true rib worldwide.

Also possible on these machines is a fully automatic switch between 
terry and plain fabric, i.e. without any mechanical setup (zero labour costs), 
no requirement to adjust the gauge and machine’s centre periodically 
(zero labour costs), and machines equipped with the company's latest 
Rimaglio 3.0 toe-closing unit.

Further benefits of machines in the Gold line include high gauges with 
terry (selected terry for model J Terry) and true rib, high quality 
raw materials such as solid steel and aluminum alloys (i.e. no plastics parts), 
and no gap in the pattern when switching from welt to the leg during 
transfer phase.

On show for example, will be the latest Busi IDEA which, with needles 
in the dial, guarantees very high precision when knitting high quality 
rib socks.

This model has 2 feeds for plain and rib fabric, 8 selection actuators 
and is capable of knitting 1x1 true rib welt or double welt with 6 colours 
per course plus ground or for embroidery patterns on a mesh base, 5 colours 
per course plus ground

There are also two colour jacquard patterns on a flat knit base with 2 
colours per course + 5 embroidery colours. Knitting possibilities 
include 1x1, 3x1, 5x1 and true rib fabric for 3D articles.

The hosiery knitting machine manufacturer, which will be present 
at ITMA in Hall 4, Stand D207