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Beaulieu Technical Textiles unveils the latest trends in 
woven ground covers for all containerfields at GreenTech 
Amsterdam 2024
As thousands of horticultural industry representatives 
gather in Amsterdam for this year's GreenTech Event, 
Beaulieu Technical Textiles is presenting its 
re-designed range of weed control ground covers, 
setting a new sustainability benchmark in the industry.
RECOVER is Beaulieu's most durable weed control 
ground cover that has been re-designed with recycled 
content to meet new criteria for durability and 
longevity, as well as offering customers a more 
sustainable solution for containerfields.
Post industrial waste is added during the 
production process, creating a CO2 reduction.
Also new at this year's number one horticultural 
technology event in the Netherlands, where water 
conservation is a key theme, is Beaulieu's RECOVER 
PRO ground cover which helps nurseries to improve 
water management, promote healthier plants, reduce 
disease and adopt more sustainable horticultural 
RECOVER PRO, designed specifically for 
lava-containerfields which leverage the 
unique properties of natural volcanic lava 
rock, offers a 37% carbon saving, 40% recycled 
content, the guarantee of 900 kLy UV protection, 
a ten-year lifespan, high resistance to mechanical 
stress and optimal, environmentally friendly 
weed control.
"Horticultural professionals around the world 
rely on our agrotextiles for quality and sustainability 
and Beaulieu's RECOVER range delivers best-in-class 
performance on both fronts. These ground covers 
are the premium choice for all professional 
containerfields to create the optimal growing 
conditions for plants," said Maarten Balcaen, 
Beaulieu Technical Textiles Sales Manager 
for Agrotextiles.

Beaulieu Technical Textiles is the 
leading manufacturer of woven technical fabrics 
for the horticultural and landscaping industries 
in Europe and continually improves its solutions 
through R&D partnerships with agronomy 
experts and research institutions. 
Visitors to GreenTech will discover Beaulieu's
extensive range of ground covers 
for all container fields and our solutions in 
climate control, growth stimulation 
and weed control.
"Our ground covers are long-lasting thanks 
to their high UV stability, and this means
that customers are able to postpone replacement 
investments for longer.
The CO2 savings of our solutions are 
also becoming increasingly important 
as ground cover is a part of the carbon 
calculation for new 
nursery installations. 
This makes Beaulieu's solutions
a win-win," concluded Balcaen.

Find Beaulieu Technical Textiles 
at Stand 05.400VF at GreenTech Amsterdam 
2024, 11-13 June 
at RAI Amsterdam.
For more information:
Beaulieu International Group
Kalkhoevestraat 16 box 0.1, BE-8790
Waregem, Belgium
Tel.: +32 56 62 59 00
Publication date: Mon 10 Jun 2024