Monday, March 13, 2023

['Positive Sign'] Edited by: R.Natarajan, Editorial'.Textile Magazine Managing Editor & Publisher.]

Cotton is a globalcomodity in 2022-23.Brazil and Australi and Australia
are forecasting to achive record number of harvest where China & India 
are expected to grow more cotton than 2021-2021.
The Nest Resultis that global cotton production is expected to grow more 
Cotton duue to the problem in US and Pakistan.
Despite several disruptions in the globle supply chain and the lack of demand
.The Indian cotton exporters demonstrated resilience by maintaining a positive 
growth trejectary.A positive sign for the future is that global expectations
have stopped falling in september 2022.albeit staying in negative teritorym
amoung various segments.major growth of textiles will come from mam made            
fibers there bt enabling realization of the ex Billion last year.port 
target to 100  BillionUS $ in 5-6 years as copared to US $ 42.
Source - TEXTILE MAGAZINE -November 2022,Volume 64,issue 1