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EATP represents, promotes and serves the interests of the European polyolefin textiles industry, provides the industry with business services and constitutes a forum for contacts and discussion (in full respect for European and international competition law) on issues of common concern.
By these means, it aims to promote the profitable development of its member companies, and of the industry as a whole.


Glass Fiber.
Carbon Fiber.
Optic Fiber.
Polyolefin Fiber.
Polypropylene Fiber.
Acrylic Fiber.
Polyester Fiber.
Viscose Fiber.
Steel Fiber.
Asbestos Fiber.
Abaca Fiber.
Acetate Fiber.
Alpaca Fiber.
Bamboo Fiber.
Cashmere Fiber.
Coir Fiber.
Cotton Fiber.
Flax Fiber.
Hemp Fiber.
Jute Fiber.
Kenaf Fiber.
Kenaf Fiber.
Kevlar Fiber.
Linen Fiber.
Lycra Fiber.
Lyocell Fiber.
Mohair Fiber.
Modacrylic Fiber.
Nylon Fiber.
Olefin Fiber.
Polyester Fiber.
Polyolefin Fiber.
Ramie Fiber.
Silk Fiber.
Rayon Fiber.
Sisal Fiber.
Sorona Fiber.
Soybean Protein Fiber.
Spandex Fiber.
Tencil Fiber.
Vicuna Fiber.
Viscose Fiber.
Wool Fiber.
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Welcome to Fibre Optic Systems Limited.
Fibre Optic Systems are an independently owned U.K. based manufacturing company.
At our factory in Leeds, we offer a complete in house design and manufacturing service.
Our highly experienced and motivated staff have a wealth of knowledge in the field of Fibre Optic products, servicing architectural and commercial clients with low voltage, energy efficient illumination.
We can custom manufacture to your individual needs and requirements and having our own in house CNC machine shop, we can achieve rapid deadline times.
How does it work ?
Fibre Optic lighting is made up of individual strands of glass fibre, which transmit the light along the fibres.
Light from a light source "Projector" is fed into one end, the fibres are encapsulated into a sheathing material and the light is then transported around bends to where it is required. The light can then be diffused or spot lighted through an array of variable terminal fittings.
A harness is made up to suit the customers requirements. The length, number of tails and the terminal fittings are all made to order.
Endless effects are possible, including Twinkle, Colour Changing, Mood Lighting and DMX / AVR Control and Scene setting.
1)Can be used in water.
2)Low maintenance.
Low UV and no heat emission.
One light source using one Lamp.
Safety - No electricity in fibre optics.
Spider Silk.

Tokyo: It might be just your arachnophobia: Japnese researchers have created a pair of comfortable yet durable socks from spider thread and silk.

"By genetically modifying silk worms, I thought it might be possible to create good spider silk." said Masao Nakagaki,a professor at Shinshu Univercity in central Japan who devoloped the fiber after 10 years of research."I think it is better for the environment to replace artificial fibres that use up precious oil with natural recyclable fibres," he said on Monday.

Nakagaki succeeded in creating spider silk consisting of 10% spider proteins and 90% silk by injecting genes from a golden orb weaving spider in to silk worms.Spiders produce at least seven different types of thread,ranging from tough ones that the web to elastic ones encircling it.

Experts say these threads are stronger than STEEL and LIGHTER than existing artificial fibres such as Kevlar, used for bullet-proof vests.But spider fibers are difficult to mass produce to the limited amount that spiders can make.The developers of the spider socks aim to revitalize both the weavers' feet with possible anti-aging effects and Japan's waning silk and socks industry.

"these Japanese industries have sunk,overwhelmed by Chinese manufacturers.We want to distinguish ourselves with our unique efforts",Yoshiyuki Ueda of Okamoto Corp said,adding customers can expect to find their dream socks in stores around 2010.

Spider silk, also known as gossamer, is a fiber spun by spiders. Spider silk is a remarkably strong material. Its tensile strength is comparable to that of high-grade steel — according to Nature[1], spider dragline silk has a tensile strength of roughly 1.3 GPa, while one source [2] lists a tensile strength for one form of steel at 1.65 GPa. However, spider silk is much less dense than steel; its tensile strength to density ratio is roughly five times higher than that of steel (i.e. it is five times as strong as steel of the same density — as strong as Aramid filaments, such as Twaron or Kevlar.) In fact, a strand of spider silk long enough to circle the earth would weigh less than 16 ounces (450 g).

Other cultures also have found uses for cobwebs.Polynesian fisherman used the threads of the golden orb spider to make fishing line.


Lyocell Fiber.
Lyocell Staple Fiber.
First U.S. Commercial Lyocell Fiber Production: 1992, Acordis Cellulosic Fibers, Inc.
Current U.S. Lyocell Fiber Producers: Lenzing Fibers Inc.
Federal Trade Commission Definition for Lyocell Fiber: A cellulose fiber obtained by an organic solvent spinning process where:
1) “organic solvent” means a mixture of organic chemicals and water, and
2) “solvent spinning” means dissolving and spinning without the formation of a derivative.
Although it is given a separate generic name, the FTC classifies Lyocell as a sub-category under “Rayon”. (Complete FTC Fiber Rules here.)
Basic Principles of Lyocell Fiber Production — Raw cellulose is directly dissolved in an amine oxide solvent. The solution is filtered, extruded into an aqueous bath of dilute amine oxide, and coagulated into fiber form.
Lyocell Fiber Characteristics.
Soft, strong, absorbent.
Fibrillated during wet processing to produce special textures.
Excellent wet strength.
Wrinkle resistant.
Very versatile fabric dyable to vibrant colors, with a variety of effects and textures.
Can be hand washable.
Simulates silk, suede, or leather touch.
Good drapability.
General Lyocell Fiber Care Tips.
Lyocell can be either washable or dry-cleanable, depending on the care label. When the proper finish is applied, lyocell can be laundered at home and is highly resistant to shrinkage.
Some Major Lyocell Fiber Uses.
Apparel: Dresses, slacks, coats, jeans.


December 12, 2007
Having invested ¥700 million in expanding its VECTRAN polyarylate superfiber manufacturing facilities, Kuraray Co Ltd commenced full-scale operations on November 5, 2007, at Kuraray Saijo Co Ltd (Saijo City, Ehime Prefecture). With the facility expansion, VECTRAN’s annual production capacity was raised from 600 tons to 1,000 tons.
VECTRAN fiber is commonly portrayed as a super-high-performance fiber with ultra-high strength and a high Young’s modulus. VECTRAN is characterized by its low creep, low moisture absorption properties, high tenacity at extremely low temperatures, abrasion resistance in wet conditions and other properties that competing types of superfibers do not carry.
In addition to its existing applications, such as its use in the fisheries industry, VECTRAN is increasingly employed in new applications in various industries in Japan. New applications include earphone cables, tension members for stratospheric airship sheathing, volleyball and tennis nets and ropes, plastic reinforcement materials, ropes for marine research and experimental sacks for transporting water by sea.
Overseas, VECTRAN fiber was selected for the special airbags used on NASA’s 1997 Mars landing vehicle, and then again in 2004 for the special airbags used on the Mars rovers. Recently, VECTRAN fiber has also been used for protective gloves, ropes and ground fabric for sheathing, all of which require VECTRAN’s very high performance attributes.
The acquisition of the VECTRAN high-performance polyarylate fiber business of Celanese Advanced Materials Inc. (CAMI), based in South Carolina in the United States, allowed Kuraray to directly participate in the large-scale European and U.S. markets, which significantly helped the Company’s information-gathering activities in terms of meeting market needs in a more timely and accurate fashion. In addition, thanks to the integrated manufacturing and sales structure that Kuraray has established over the years, it is now possible to accelerate the expansion of its VECTRAN business, based on the geographical centers of Japan, the United States and Europe.
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