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Franco La Scola.Protective wear Business Manager. Holge_Beule.Sales Director. Paolo_Bianciardi.Director Sales and Marketing. Giovanni_Ricci.Human Resources Director.
Since 1968, when Klopman introduced the concept of poly/cotton work wear fabrics to Europe, there have been many exciting developments and events in the history of Klopman.
The following sections include details of some of major developments together with information about the key management personnel who have been responsible for planning and implementing the strategy which has lead Klopman to the position it is in today.
Among the many reasons for Klopman's success, expertise in manufacturing and total dedication to service are undoubtedly two of the most important – you will also find detailed information about these areas and a summary of the main benefits and advantages of choosing Klopman fabrics.
Klopman is totally committed to offering the best possible levels of personal customer service. This is achieved through an extensive pan-European network of dedicated and strategically located sales representatives, agents and distributors, together with Management and Marketing headquarters in London, integrated Manufacturing and Sourcing facilities in Frosinone, Italy, greige production facilities in Monastir, Tunisia and European Sales headquarters in Dusseldorf, Germany, as well as an extensive network of agents outside Europe.
Since his appointment as President, Giuseppe Rodinò has been the driving force behind the multi-million dollar investment in new technologies which has been so instrumental in firmly consolidating Klopman's position as Europe's leading manufacturer of workwear, protectivewear and casual apparel fabrics.
Anticipating the massive changes which have taken place in fabric manufacturing – and made at a time when many manufacturers have been reducing the commitment to their operations – this investment has been specifically designed to ensure that Klopman will continue to be in a position to meet and respond to customer requirements. And, as a direct result, maintain a world-renowned reputation for quality, consistency and innovation of product and service.
After joining Klopman in New York in 1966, Giuseppe Rodinò served in a number of sales, marketing and management positions, principally in Italy and the UK, until 1981 when he was appointed President of the European denim operations of Burlington Industries. After holding senior positions at Calitri Denim Industries, manufacturers of ring denim fabrics, he rejoined Klopman as President and Chief Executive Officer in January 1993.
Giuseppe Rodinò is based in Frosinone, Italy.
Paolo Bianciardi, Director of Sales & Marketing.
Paolo Bianciardi.
Paolo Bianciardi is responsible for Klopman’s three business areas – Image workwear, Protectivewear and Casual Apparel together with all aspects of sales and marketing, customer service, planning and logistics and product development. He also plays a key role in the day-to-day management as well as formulating the long-term strategic development for all Klopman’s operations. This is a task well-suited to Paolo having acquired a wealth of international experience in the analysis and implementation of successful business strategies for leading multinational companies.
After graduating in 1986 with a Degree in Engineering he began his career with Magneti Marelli, part of the Fiat Group, helping to develop the company’s five year business plan.
Paolo then moved to Dow Chemical where he was given leave to complete an MBA from Berkeley, California. On returning he was appointed European Marketing Manager successfully leading Dow into a new business sector.
In 2001 he joined Habasit, a world leader in the manufacturer of power transmission and conveyor belts, where he was Marketing Director for the Group and General Manager for the Swiss subsidiary.
Paolo Bianciardi.
Holger Beule, Sales Director.
Holger Beule.
Based at the European Sales Headquarters in Düsseldorf, Holger Beule is responsible for all aspects of Sales, including strategic development, of the Central and Northern European areas plus the Eastern European developing markets. Holger manages and co-ordinates the activities of a highly experienced sales force working closely with garment manufacturers, industrial laundries and end-user specifiers.
In addition, Holger is responsible for managing Klopman International Gmbh and the European Sales office in Düsseldorf. Holger's extensive personal experience of all aspects of the workwear industry supply chain has given him a unique insight into the concerns and priorities of Klopman's customers – a distinct advantage to all concerned.
Holger Beule has over thirty years experience of the textile industry including seven years purchasing workwear and two years supplying workwear, he joined Klopman in 1984.
Holger Beule is based in Dusseldorf.
Franco La Scola, Protectivewear Business Manager.
Franco La Scola.
In anticipation of the growing specialisation of the protective wear market, in 1997 Franco La Scola was appointed to lead Klopman's Protective wear Business Team.
With a background of sixteen years in research and development, followed by a further period in product management, Franco is ideally placed to provide specialist knowledge and technical support to garment manufacturers and end-user specifiers throughout Europe.
In addition to responsibility for product management and strategic development in a complex market sector, Franco leads and supports Klopman’s Protective wear sales team.
Having studied textile dyeing and finishing, followed by a university degree in Industrial Engineering, Franco La Scola joined Klopman in 1989.
Franco La Scola is based in Milan.
Amaury Sartorius, Sales Director.
Amaury Sartorius.
Amaury Sartorius is responsible for all aspects of Sales, including strategic development, of the Western and Southern European markets; managing and co-ordinating the activities of a highly experienced sales force to develop and maintain key business relationships in the sector.
With broad experience of the European textile market, having started his career with Belgian textile group Sofinal, Amaury Sartorius joined Klopman in 1995 and has since held a number of positions within the company, including Market Manager for France and Benelux. Since 2002, Amaury has also held the position of Apparel/Non Clothing Business manager giving him the responsibility of monitoring developments and trends in this fast-moving sector as well as identifying areas of potential new business.
Amaury Sartorius is based in Lille.
Pasquale Salemi, Finance & Administration Director.
Pasquale Salemi.
Pasquale Salemi is responsible for the day-to-day and strategic development of Klopman’s finance and administration activities, as well as all aspects of financial and administrative control.
Prior to joining Klopman in 1997 he held a number of senior financial and management positions with leading Italian companies including Playtex SpA, Nuova IBMEI SpA and Olivetti Group.
Pasquale Salemi is based in Frosinone, Italy.
Giuseppe Abbruzzesi, Manufacturing & Sourcing Director.
Giuseppe Abbruzzesi.
Joining Klopman at the start of their European operation in 1967, Giuseppe Abbruzzesi is another highly experienced member of the management team.
Giuseppe has held a number of supervisory and management positions in many of Klopman's manufacturing departments. He was appointed Manufacturing & Sourcing.
Director in 1996.
His current responsibilities cover all areas of Manufacturing, Spinning & Weaving (in Frosinone & Tunisia) and Dyeing & Finishing (in Frosinone).
He is also responsible for the Sourcing & Procurement of all raw materials, yarn, greige fabrics and Klopman's Research & Development Group.
Giuseppe Abbruzzesi is based in Frosinone, Italy.
Giovanni Ricci, Human Resources Director.

Giovanni Ricci.

A key and highly experienced member of the management team, prior to joining Klopman in 1992 Giovanni Ricci held a number of senior human resources positions with leading-

Italian companies.

Responsible for all day-to-day and strategic functions of the department – including quality, environment and health and safety issues, as well recruitment, development and training – Giovanni ensures that Klopman continues to have the best and most highly-skilled personnel in place to provide customers with the exceptional levels of expertise and service required.

In addition he is also the company’s official line of contact for a number of important organisations, including official government departments and the trade unions, with which he maintains excellent relationships.

Giovanni Ricci is based in Frosinone, Italy.


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