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Wool,a need for our Baby's.
(Picture above)
This is the mill that
Mr.Peter Bulman
( Picture at left )
built for the manufacture of woollen textiles of the good old days/years,it not only protects baby's but all of us against the cold,when we feel the warmth in side a woolen blanket from the cold in any place on earth.This Technical textile fiber is from the sheep's (shaved off from the skin's fleece).
In 1871 Mr. Peter Bulman directed his attention to the practicability of such an enterprise.
The following year he sailed to England and visited mills and manufacturing towns throughout England and Scotland to source the plant and equipment and recruit the skilled men necessary to establish the industry.
A partnership arrangement was entered into with Messrs. Johnstone who agreed to proceed to Tasmania to take charge of the manufacturing department.
The erection of Waverley Woollen Mills had begun at Distillery Creek, a mountain stream where the mill would have an abundant supply of soft water, together with a fall of 120 feet which would provide the water power to drive a wooden water wheel 25 feet in circumference which in turn would drive the machines.
The high humidity of the valley also would make the wool easier to spin and the rocky land would provide excellent foundations.
The first building consisted of paling walls and a slab floor, and the machinery had to be bullock-hauled over tracks into which the wagon wheels sank to the naves.
The Original Mill Building,of 1874,Shown above

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About Us.

At Trefriw Woollen Mills we manufacture traditional Welsh bedspreads, tweeds and travelling rugs. Our Welsh tapestry is made into cushions, dinner sets, shoulder bags and purses. Our tweed is tailored into sports jackets, hats, caps, skirts, ruanas and capes.

The Mill Shop.

Visitors to our mill shop can buy our own products as well as a wide range of pure wool knitwear and accessories from the British Isles and further afield.

We source beautiful and unusual items, many of which are not available locally. If you can't make it to the shop we can provide a mail order service for our most popular products.

As well as looking round the shop, visitors to the mill can view the hydro-electric turbines and the Dobcross looms to see traditional Welsh weaving in action and enjoy a cup of tea and a slice of bara brith in our tearoom.

History Of The Mill.

Trefriw Woollen Mills is one of the few remaining mills of what was once an important Welsh industry. Originally a Pandy (fulling mill), it was situated on the fast running River Crafnant in order to use the water to drive the waterwheels and to wash the wool.

The mill had been operating for over 30 years when it was bought by " Thomas Williams" in 1859. It is still owned and run by the same family.

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