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National Textile Corporation (NTC) is the single largest Textile Central Public Sector Enterprise under Ministry of Textile through its 9 Subsidiary Companies spread all over India. The Headquarters of the holding company is at New Delhi. the strength of the group is around 22000 employees. The annual turnover of the Company in the year 2004-05 was approximately Rs. 638 Crores having capacity of 11 lakhs Spindles, 1500 Looms producing 450 Lakh Kgs. of yarn and 185 lakhs Mtrs. of cloth annually.


NTC was incorporated in 1968 with the main objectives of managing the affairs of 16 sick textile mills taken over by the Government. NTC took over more sick textile mills under 3 Nationalization IDA Acts. (1974, 1986 & 1995), raising its number upto 125 mills in 1995. In the year 2002 BIFR/GOI approved revival of 53 viable mills and closure of 66 unviable mills. 65 unviable mills have so far been closed under the Act. 2 Mills (one viable and one unviable) located in the state of Pondicherry have been transferred to the State Government of Pondicherry.


BIFR has approved merger of its nine subsidiary companies with NTC Holding Company. A new Corporate Plan/Strategy is under formulation for growth/ repositioning of the organization.

Modernization :

NTC, with a view to modernize its 22 mills by itself, has drawn a schedule of implementation plan (Road map) and purchase orders for new machineries are being placed from April 2006. NTC expects to complete modernization of its 22 mills by December 2007.

Simultaneously these mills are carrying out renovation of old machineries proposed to be retained and have also undertaken necessary civil, electrical and other preparatory works for new machineries so that the machines are commissioned within the scheduled time frame.

After modernization NTC is projected to produce 600 lakh Kgs. of yarn and 250 lakh Mtrs of cloth annually with a turnover of more than Rs.931 crores in the year 2009-10.

Joint Venture :

In order to run 29 mills through Joint Venture route (Public Private Partnership), NTC is in the process of appointing a reputed adviser after which an appropriate model of joint venture will be decided for these mills.

India International Trade Tower :

ITC is also planning to construct an India International Trade Tower (IITT) in Mumbai on the land of one of its mills through Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) developing a center for international trade in Textiles, Diamond, Gem & Jewelery having complete infrastructure and facilities like Five Star Hotel, Water Sports, Convention centers etc, making it a self-sufficient international business center.

India Textile Plaza :

Indian Textile Plaza is proposed to be constructed at the land of Jehangir Textile Mills, Ahmedabad (closed NTC mill) with facilities like Handloom & Handicrafts Mall, Exhibition Hall, Convention Hall, Theater Complex, Textile/ Handicraft Museum, Food Court, Children Plaza, Youth & Women Training Center & City Plaza by NTC forming SPV with Export Promotion Council for Handicrafts (EPCH).

These are the machines shown in their website,are they going to keep it or replace it with a most modern hi-tech machines if, so why not show the machines that will replace these machines,why show outdated machines in their website.Was it because they could not procure the pictures of these machines.The pictures shown are not the machines to produce yarn or cloth,they are pre - weaving only.
1) Spinning Machines:-
Blow-Room comprising of automatic bale plucker, multi mixer, and feed arrangements.
*Chute-feed Cards with Auto-leveler.
*Lap feed Card
*Chute Feed arrangements for Card.
*Comber with Ribbon Lap, Sliver Lap & Super Lap.
*Draw Frame –Double Delivery and single Delivery with Auto leveler
*Speed Frame (Simplex)
*Ring Frame (all type & sizes)
Non-Woven M/cs.
*Open End Spinning.
*Cone Winding.
*Assembly winder.
*Ring Doubler.
* Auto Coner.
*Two for One Twister (TFO).
& Reeling Machine.
2) Weaving Machines:-
Rapier/Air-jet/Projectile Looms.
*Direct Warper.
*Automatic sectional Warper.
*Warp Typing Machine.
3) Processing machinery (For Cotton And Blends):-
*Chainless Mercerizer.
*Auto & Hydrolic Jiggers.
*Yarn Dyeing Plant.
*3-Bowl Padding Mangle.
*Drying Range – 24 Cylinder with padding Mangle.
*Rotary Printing Machine(including Polymerizer & Scraper washer).
*Loop Ager.
*Stenter (5 chambers and 6 chambers).
*Zero-Zero finish.
4) Testing Equipments:-
Testing Equipments for fiber testing, yarn testing, and fabric testing.
No mention of Technical Textiles in their entire policy of the website or a 'DIRECTOR TECHNICAL' for reasons best known to the persons at the helm of affairs at the National Textile Corporation Ltd viz "GOVT Of INDIA,MINISTRY OF TEXTILES".



Lakshmi Mills was established in the year 1910 by the visionary and pioneer late G. Kuppuswamy Naidu.

The history of Lakshmi Mills is in many ways the history of the Textile Industry in Coimbatore. For close to a century Lakshmi Mills has contributed to the development of the industry by promoting self reliance, research, import substitution, exports and technology. The Company has also demonstrated its staying power by ensuring quality and customer satisfaction as the prime objectives. In fact, as a pioneer, Lakshmi Mills today is looked upon with respect and reverence as a company that paved the way for the rest to follow.

The Company celebrated its Golden Jubilee, Diamond Jubilee and Platinum Jubilee and is now gearing up for the centenary celebration by 2010.

The Company has 3 Units to manufacture yarns and fabrics at the following places:

Unit,COIMBATORE - Spindles- 41,952-Looms-245.

Unit,PALLADAM -Spindles-55,055-Rotors-672.

Unit,KOVILPATTI- Spindles-58,512.

The Annual Turnover of the Company is around Rs. 150 crores.

Almost a Technical Textile Fabric.

The Brand.

Tyche Life establishes a stylish and ornate brand identity; catch me if you can attitude!!

Targeted for young parents, office goers, people who want the best, it projects a brand identity that is neither hyper feminine nor hyper masculine. Tyche projects a dependable, friendly and liberating experience. What makes us successful is the holistic culture that we intend to promote through the brand, blending classism and family centered orientation.

Nearly a Textile Fabric


X-Static -The Silver Fiber imported from U.S.A, has a layer of pure silver permanently and irreversibly bonded to the surface of a textile fiber. It is uniquely suited to provide the following features:

Naturale - All-Natural - Perfectly Safe, Non-Toxic, contains no chemicals or pesticides.

pantiodore - Anti-Odor – Neutralizes ammonia and denatured proteins, Inhibits growth of bacteria and fungi.

antistatica Anti-static – It has high electric conduction, resulting in instant dissipation of electric charges.

antimicrobica - Anti-microbial - Fights bacteria which causes smell. In addition, it regulates temperature (cool in summer, warm in winter for its thermal properties) and is therapeutic (benefits to health and improvement to blood circulation).
Thermo Dynamic – It regulates temperature (cool in summer, warm in winter for its thermal properties)

Therapeutic – Benefits to health and improvement to blood circulation

Lakshmi Mills offers X-STATIC YARN both for knitting & weaving in NE 20s to 60s and also Knitted & Woven Fabrics made out of X-Static Yarns.



Fabrics produced out of Micro Modal yarn absorbs moisture more quickly than cotton and stores more moisture even after many washes.

Brings colour Brilliance to Textiles. The Bright colours are still there after many washes.

Use of Modal in its bright form gives Textiles a silky, elegant luster, comparable to mercerized cotton qualities.

Due to high resistance to alkali, Modal in blends with cotton can also be mercerized, which influences Cotton affinity, luster and also dimensional stability.

Textiles containing Lenzing Modal are distinguished by a pleasant and soft handle.

Modal Yarn is popular in Knitwear and Towels.

Modal Yarn is ideal for all kinds of Terry fabrics. Every towel of Modal makes the bathroom a little bit softer. A high quality Home Textiles.



See Weaving in Action.

See the weaving and hydro-electric turbines at Trefriw Woollen Mills in the beautiful Conwy Valley, North Wales.

Tour the working mill museum and see the machines on which the raw wool is transformed into beautiful bedspreads, tapestries and tweeds. We carry out all the processes from fleece to fabric, on carding engines, spinning mules, doubling machine, warping mill and Dobcross looms.

Most of the machinery dates back to the 1950's or 1960's and shows the textile processes introduced in the Industrial Revolution and before computerization.

Machines operate according to production requirements. Our water turbines date from the 1930's and 1940's and still produce electricity to power the mill.

Try Weaving For Yourself.

Hand spinning is demonstrated in the summer season and there is also an opportunity to try weaving yourself on small hand looms. See our Opening times (below) for more information.

The Weaver's Garden has specimen plants which provide fibres, natural dyes, textile tools, soaps, and moth repellents.



INDURA Ultra Soft.

Flame Resistant Fabrics Protection, Comfort & Value.

Woven fabric.

International public company .. Taipei .. Manufacturing: Manufacture of textiles and clothing.

Marzotto S.p.A.

International public company .. Valdagno .. Manufacturing: Manufacture of worsted tops, worsted and woollen yarn, traditional fabric, knitted fabric, blankets and furnishing...

Mastis AB.

Joint Stock Company .. Telsiai .. Manufacturing: Manufacture of knitted fabrics and clothing.

Maudi Joint Stock Co.

.International public company .. Tbilisi .. Manufacturing: Production of woolen cloth for the clothing industry.

Maxim K M Pertsinidis S.A.

International public company .. Langadas .. Manufacturing: Dyeing and finishing of knitted fabrics; manufacture and distribution of dyeing mill tinctorial and finishing ...

Medipro Internacional S.A. de C.V.

International Private company .. Lerma .. Manufacturing: Fabric Mills.

Mediterranean Woollen Mills Pty.

International and Multinational Private company .. Hammarsdale .. Manufacturing: Wool mills.

Merinka Maribor dd.

Joint Stock Company .. Maribor .. Manufacturing: Production of worsted fabrics. ISO 9001 certified.

Michel Thierry S.A.

International and Multinational Private company .. Laroque D Olmes .. Manufacturing: Broadwoven fabric mills, wool.

Miyuki Holdings Company Ltd.

International public company .. Nagoya .. Manufacturing: Manufacture of woollen fabrics.

Modella Woollens Ltd.

International public company .. Mumbai .. Manufacturing: Manufacture and distribution of yarn, bristles, woollen fabrics and blankets.

Mokoh and Associates Inc.

International public company .. Taipei .. Manufacturing: Spinning and dyeing of wool.

National Nonwovens Inc.

Private Company, Headquarters Location .. Easthampton, MA .. (413) 527-3445 .. Manufacturing: Manufactures wool, mohair and similar fiber woven felt fabric; nonwoven fabric mill.

Negociaciones Fabril De Soria S.A. de C.V.

International and Multinational Private company .. Ciudad De Mexico .. Manufacturing: Textile And Fabric Finishing And Fabric Coating Mills, Fabric Mills,

Nevskaya Textile Mill Joint Stock Co.

International public company .. Saint Petersburg .. Manufacturing: Production of woollen and other fabrics.

Nova Mosilana A.S.

International subsidiary .. Brno .. Manufacturing: Textile mills producing wool fabrics and yarns.

Nova Penteacao e Fiacao da Covilha S.A.

International Private company .. Covilha .. Manufacturing: Manufacture of textiles.

Nova Textil S.A. de C.V.

International Private company .. Ciudad de Mexico .. Manufacturing: Fabric Mills.

Ofitex S.A. de C.V.

International Private company .. Monterrey .. Manufacturing: Fabric Mills.

Operadora Factory S.A. de C.V.

International Private company .. Toluca .. Manufacturing: Fabric Mills.

Orr Felt Co.

Private Company, Headquarters Location .. Piqua, OH .. (937) 773-0551 .. Manufacturing: Manufactures wool, mohair and similar fiber woven papermakers' felt fabric.

Osvobozhdenniy Trud Textile Mill.

Joint Stock Company .. Moscow .. Manufacturing: Production of fine and heavy woollen cloth.

Paulo de Oliveira S.A.

International Private company .. Covilha .. Manufacturing: Broadwoven woollen mills.

Paylana S.A.

International public company .. Montevideo .. Manufacturing: Wool and manmade fibre textile mills, narrow fabric mills.

Paysandu Industrial Lanera Paylana S.A.

International Private company .. Montevideo .. Manufacturing:textiles and sportsware.

Pod Ltd.

International public company .. Glenfield .. Manufacturing: Manufacture of textiles and sportswear.

Proveedora de Adornos y Aplicaciones S.A. de C.V.

International Private company .. Ciudad de Mexico .. Manufacturing: Fabric Mills.

Puig Codina S.A.

International Private company .. Terrassa .. Manufacturing: Textile manufacture.

Radon Inc.

Private Company, Headquarters Location .. New Prague, MN .. (952) 758-5155 .. Manufacturing: Manufactures wool and similar fiber blankets and blanketing.

Rassam S.A. de C.V.

International Private company .. Ciudad de Mexico .. Manufacturing: Fabric Mills.

Raymond Ltd.

International public company .. Ratnagiri .. Manufacturing: Manufacture and distribution of woollen fabrics, hosiery, yarns, knitwear and cement.

Roudiere S.A.S.

International Private company .. Lavelanet .. Manufacturing: Broadwoven wool mills.

Roudiere S.A.S.

International and Multinational Private company .. Lavelanet .. Manufacturing: Broadwoven fabric mills, wool.

Santiago Textil S.A. de C.V.

International Private company .. Mexico DF .. Manufacturing: Manufacture of thread and broadwoven fabrics.

Seaward Wool Textile Company Ltd.

International Private company .. Taipei .. Manufacturing: Manufacture of wool, acrylic yarn and textiles.

Shaanxi No. 2 Printing and Dyeing Factory.

International Private company .. Shaanxi .. Manufacturing: Broadwoven Fabric Mills, Wool (including Dyeing and Finishing)

Shandong Wantai Textile Group Corp.

International Private company .. Shandong .. Manufacturing: Production of T/c Grey Cloth Bleached Fabric, Dyed Fabric and Pure Cotton Grey.

Shanghai Met (Group) Corp.

International public company .. Shanghai .. Manufacturing: Production of textiles; development of life science and technology including stem cell genes.

Shanghai Sanmao Enterprise (Group) Company Ltd.

International subsidiary .. Shanghai .. Manufacturing: Production, spinning and weaving of wool and worsted fabrics.

Shishi Xianghong Weaving and Dyeing Company Ltd.

International Private company .. Fujian .. Manufacturing: Production of Garments and Pure Cotton.

Shri Dinesh Mills Ltd.

International public company .. Vadodara .. Manufacturing: Manufacture and distribution of woollen and worsted fabrics, including endless woven felts, machinery cloth an...

Skytex Mexico S.A. de C.V.

International Private company .. Huejotzingo .. Manufacturing: Fabric Mills.


International and Multinational Private company .. Sliven .. Manufacturing: Production and sale of woollen yarns, worsted and carded fabrics, and clothing.

Slovena A.S.

International Private company .. Zilina .. Manufacturing: Production of woollen blankets, and fabrics and yarns for the clothing industry in linen, polyester, wool and ...

Societe Beninoise de Textiles S.A.

International Private company .. Cotonou .. Manufacturing: Printing and dyeing of fabrics and materials.

Societe Orbonor S.A.

International subsidiary .. Casablanca .. Manufacturing: Orbonor Industry is engaged in the processing of wool and synthetic fibres.

Sotoh Company Ltd.

International public company .. Bisai .. Manufacturing: Dyeing and finishing of woollen fabric.

Standard Wool France S.A.

Non-Quoted Public Company .. Tourcoing .. Manufacturing: Woolcombing.

Swan Finishing Company Inc.

Private Company, Headquarters Location .. Fall River, MA .. (508) 674-4611 .. Manufacturing: Manufactures wool broadwoven fabric; dyeing cotton broadwoven fabric; dyeing of man made fiber and silk broadwoven.

Swift Denim Hidalgo, S. de R.L. de C.V.

International Private company .. Tulancingo .. Manufacturing: Fabric Mills.

TMG - Tecidos para Vestuario e Decoracao S.A.

International Private company .. Sao Cosme do Vale .. Manufacturing: Manufacture of textiles.

Taj Textile Mills Ltd.

International public company .. Lahore .. Manufacturing: Manufacture and distribution of international quality cotton fabrics and blended yarns, including drills, duck...

Tanganyika Dyeing and Weaving Mills Ltd.

International Private company .. Dar es Salaam .. Manufacturing: Broadwoven dyeing and weaving mills.

Tara International Mtius Ltd.

International Private company .. Port Louis .. Manufacturing: Manufacture and export of knitwear.

Tejidos Galaxia S.A. de C.V.

International Private company .. Ciudad de Mexico .. Manufacturing: Fabric Mills.

Tejidos Royo S.L.

Limited Liability Company .. Valencia .. Manufacturing: Weaving, dyeing and finishing of textiles.

Telas y Novedades La Fama S.A. de C.V.

International Private company .. Ciudad de Mexico .. Manufacturing: Fabric Mills.

Telas y Tintes de Mexico, S. de R. L de C.V.

International Private company .. Tlalnepantla de Baz .. Manufacturing: Fabric Mills.

Textil Santanderina S.A.

International Private company .. Cabezon de la Sal .. Manufacturing: Production of knitted fabrics, cotton and cotton mixture material.

Textil del Valle S.A.

International Private company .. Lima .. Manufacturing: Manufacture, washing and dying of textiles.

Textilana S.A.

International Private company .. Caracas DF .. Manufacturing: Textiles.

Texturizados y Tejidos Windsor S.A. de C.V.

International Private company .. Naucalpan de Juarez .. Manufacturing: Fabric Mills.

The British India Corporation Ltd.

International government owned .. Kanpur .. Manufacturing: Manufacture and distribution of blankets, hosiery, rugs, yarn and woollen cloth.

Trenzados Marinos S.A. de C.V.

International Private company .. Morelia .. Manufacturing: Fabric Mills.

Tria Alfa Wool Industry S.A.

International public company .. Nea Ionia .. Manufacturing: Production, processing, dyeing and finishing of wool and wool and polyester yarns and cloth; manufacture.

UAB Baltic Mills.

International Private company .. Kaunas .. Manufacturing: Production of woollen and woollen blend fabrics for coats, jackets and trousers for men and women.

VAB Drobe.

International Private company .. Kaunas .. Manufacturing: Manufacture of pure wool fabrics, semi-wool and knitted yarns.


International Private company .. Nejdek .. Manufacturing: Manufacture of wool worsted yarns for weaving and machine and hand knitting.

VeBe Floorcoverings B.V.

International Private company .. Genemuiden .. Manufacturing: Production of carpets, felts and non-woven fabrics.

VICUNA Cia Ltda.

International Private company .. Quito .. Manufacturing: Manufacture of vicuna products and rugs and carpets.


International public company .. Fortaleza .. Manufacturing: Manufacture of textile products.


Private Subsidiary, Headquarters Location .. Florence, MS .. (601) 845-2202 .. Manufacturing: Manufactures wool, mohair and similar fiber woven papermakers' felt fabric; manufactures wire and wire product.

Voith Fabrics Inc.

Private Subsidiary, Headquarters Location .. Wilson, NC .. (252) 291-3800 .. Manufacturing: Manufactures wool, mohair and similar fiber woven papermakers' felt fabric.


Private Subsidiary, Headquarters Location .. Waycross, GA .. (912) 283-4313 .. Manufacturing: Manufactures wool, mohair and similar fiber woven papermakers' felt fabric; broadwoven cotton fabric mill.


International Private company .. Muenchberg .. Manufacturing: Manufacture of high-quality textiles for outerwear.


Private Company, Headquarters Location .. Englewood Cliffs, NJ- (201) 399-8806

Manufacturing: Manufactures apparel and outerwear broadwoven fabric.

Woollen Industries Company Ltd.

International public company .. Amman .. Manufacturing: Manufacture of woollen blankets and textiles.

Y2k Apparel S.A. de C.V.

International Private company .. Puebla .. Manufacturing: Fabric Mills.

There were more than 4,30.000 Company profiles in this one of the largest collections of companies in Goliath Company profiles with few details of their facilities for production of the technical fiber " Wool" it was of interest to note 2 INDIAN companies in a select group of International Companies.Interested Companies may visit their website:


Students’ recycled creations.

Oct 2 2007.

By Moira Sharkey, South Wales Echo.

DRESSES made from recycled fabric and an umbrella turned into a top are part of a collection designed and made in just 45 minutes by teenagers.

GCSE design students from schools across South Wales, were challenged to recycle materials into a new outfit by designer Josie Beckett who has her own label Where are you now?

The workshop was part of the first textiles conference held for secondary school students in Wales. Textiles, Today and Tomorrow was hosted at Whitchurch High in Cardiff.

,Josie, who is based in Devon, said: “The workshop was brilliant. It was a great and fun challenge to see what can be done with a little fabric and some staples or even paper clips. The garments may not have been ready to wear after 45 minutes but there were some fantastic designs.”

Textile teacher at Whitchurch, Anthea Thomas, said: “This conference is a first for Wales and provided a great opportunity to celebrate the potential of textiles in education.”.


Mr Tarun Chawla - President (Denim), Malwa Group of Companies.

Malwa Group of Companies has established itself as one of the leading players in Indian textile industry having varied interest in segment of yarn, denim, woollen knitwear and sewing thread. The group has three functional divisions named Malwa Cotton Spinning Mills Ltd (MCSM), Malwa Industries Ltd (MIL) - Denim arm of the Malwa Group, and Oswal Knit India Ltd.

Malwa Cotton Spinning Mills Ltd or MCSM is among the top ten textile mills in the Indian sub-continent producing acrylic cotton yarn, high bulk acrylic yarn, polyester yarn, polyester cotton yarn, viscose yarn, dyed viscose yarn and viscose cotton yarn.

Malwa Industries is a vertically integrated textile company producing denim fabric and denim garments for the Indian and International markets. It stands tall and proud of its stature as one amongst a handful of denim suppliers globally to possess capabilities in offering Total Solutions in Denims and that too from a single point interface. Oswal Knit is the market leader for winter wear in the premium segment.

Mr Tarun Chawla, 41 years, President (Denim), joined Malwa Group in September 1997 and has been associated with the company right from the start of manufacturing operations.

Mr Chawla is a commerce graduate and holds the degree of Chartered Accountant. His vast experience of 18 years in finance and administrative areas has helped him contribute remarkably towards overall growth and success of the company.

Speaking with Face2Face team, Mr Tarun Chawla portrays Indian garment industry, current developments within the denim market, and also points up the areas that still need improvement.

fibre2fashion: How has Malwa Group positioned itself in world denim market?

Mr Tarun Chawla.

The Company’s facilities enable it to span various aspects of the textile production and value chain from producing cotton yarn and denim fabric to designing and manufacturing denim apparel for domestic and global customers in different market segments and carrying out high-end finishing services. The Company’s operations / facilities situated in strategic locations provides it platform to cater to leading international denim brands both denim fabric and garments.

Company’s operations are located in India, Jordan and Italy. Facility in Jordan is a garment manufacturing unit catering to the leading brands and has an advantage of duty free access to US whereas Italy facility is a denim garment finishing facility catering to the niche brands.

The Company’s installed capacity is 20 million meters per annum for denim fabric and 8.5 million pieces of denim garments comprising of 4.5 million pieces per annum in India and 4 million pieces per annum in Jordan. Italy facility has high-end finishing capacity for 2.5 million pieces per annum.

Malwa is an ISO 9001:2000 for denim fabric production activities guaranteeing quality control norms. The Company has also received ISO 14001:2004 for environmental standards. Malwa’s garment unit in India is also WRAP Certified.

The Company has internally developed fabric made of wool dyed in Indigo, fabric to which the International Wool Secretariat has assigned a special “IndiGO Wool” mark. The company has already done International filling of process patent for “IndiGO Wool”

Malwa’s strength / capabilities are:

(i) vertically integrated producer of denim with strategically located operations;

(ii) significant experience and long term client relationship;

(iii) in-house design and product development capabilities;

(iv) sophisticated textile technology;

(v) focus on the valued added Denims like Coated Denim, Mercerized Denim, Organic Denim for better realizations;

(vi) captive power plant based on Bio fuel.

fibre2fashion: How do you see current developments within the denim market?

Mr Tarun Chawla.

India’s production of denim fabric has doubled over the last five years, from 250 million square meters to almost 500 million meters today, and is expected to go up to 600 million meters over the next two years.

While fabric makers are finding the situation difficult due to increased supply in domestic market and pressure on margin in exports also due to rupee appreciation and increased cotton prices, jean makers are benefited with abundance of fabrics and depressed prices.

On the export front, India’s exports during this year are expected to be much higher at US $120 million, doubling from US $60 million during the last financial year. However Ruppe appreciation and increased cotton prices has substantially effected the margin. Competition in the global market particularly from Pakistan and India is however putting pressure on Indian exports. India’s exports of cotton denim fabrics reached US $95.05 million during the first three quarters of fiscal year 2006-07 (April-December), as against exports of US $91.06 million for the whole of 2005-06. India’s export to its main market Bangladesh has fallen and the share of Bangladesh has decreased from 40 percent to 26 percent. However exports to Turkey, Egypt and Cambodia have increased substantially.

India’s export trends reveal that its denim fabric is moving into the conversion centres, and also into countries that have preferential and free trade agreements with the US and EU. Thus, India exported denim worth US $280,000 to Jordan for the first time in the last few years. However, India’s denim exports to the US have been sporadic, with almost negligible US imports from India during the first few months of 2007.

As denim prices continue to fall, denim makers in India have shifted to production and exports of high value fabrics.

Interview - Mr Tarun Chawla, President (Denim), Malwa Group of Companies.

fibre2fashion: What is the current market size of denim in India?

Mr Tarun Chawla.

India’s production of denim fabric has doubled over the last five years, from 250 million square meters to almost 500 million meters today, and is expected to go up to 600 million meters over the next two years.

Denim is now associated as fashion product where constant efforts are being made by denim fabric manufacturer and garment manufacturer with specialized laundries to provide constant fashion input in the jeans. It is expected as with increased GDP growth and its impact on disposable income in India, demand for branded and fashionable product will increase. As per one of the studies demand growth for jeans in future will be primarily coming from Asia more specifically India and China. Further, with increased interest of European Brands to enter in retailing like Diesel, VF, Ms Sixty etc., the demand for upper and high end jeans is expected to increase which will be ultimately manufactured and finished in India only.

Indian denim export to US is low but slightly up in EU. However, exports to major denim processing markets like Turkey, Egypt or Cambodia surged showing India is effectively gaining share in countries where garment conversion is increasing competing with China. India’s exports of cotton denim fabrics reached US $95.05 million during the first three quarters of fiscal year 2006-07 (April-December), as against exports of US $91.06 million for the whole of 2005. Exports to neighboring Bangladesh-one of the key market were sharply down during 2006.


fibre2fashion: How has Indian garment industry established itself in the world market?

Mr Tarun Chawla.

According to National Manufacturing Competitiveness Commission (NMCC), it is estimated that India’s share in global clothing and textile trade can be increased from US $51 billion to US $110 billion by 2012.

India’s textile export has grown at around 11-12 percent during last two years. However the growth is expected to be effected by 12 percent Rupee appreciation. Bangladesh and Pakistan are already giving tough competition to India and with Rupee appreciation vis-a-vis their currency depreciation will further erode our competitiveness. Bangladesh textile export has already touched $8.90 billion out of which 80 percent constitute garment exports. At this pace of growth Bangladesh will overtake India in garment export. Bangladesh average wage cost $30 has bolster its competitiveness.

fibre2fashion: Which according to you are the areas that need improvement?

Mr Tarun Chawla.

The Government must focus on textiles and provide the right support in terms of financial packages and infrastructure which is much needed now particularly to leverage the appreciation in rupee. To keep the pace of exports and to enable the Indian garment rather textile Industry as a whole; the government must intervene to check appreciation of rupee or in larger interest of economy alternatively incentives textile product exporters to accommodate the squeezed margins on exports. Our port charges are higher than ocean freight to Europe. Transaction cost is very high for export.

fibre2fashion: What would you say are your company’s advantages?

Mr Tarun Chawla.

Malwa Industries Limited is strategically replicating Turkish model with Asian cost. We are moving from basic to niche fabric and garments with value addition. Turkish mills are able to sell fabric and Jeans to Europe because of the fashion, value and service and being very near to Europe (logistics). This is what Malwa strategically inching towards achieving.

Our prime advantages are:

Business Model: Malwa is developing a value-added growth story that focuses on 3 different customer segments, each denoting a differing value proposition in terms of product quality, fashion and lead time. Malwa's 3 target customer segments are (a) Basic (b) Premium and (c) Super Premium. We are fully vertically integrated and hence offer this combination.

Supply Chain Model: Malwa is able to deliver a full packaged.

(a) from India.

(b) from Jordan and

(c) from Italy.

Such a combination of multi-locational delivery capability offers us a unique selling proposition to capture and retain global customers. Technology & Back-End: Malwa has invested in most sophisticated manufacturing equipment in the world at its plants which are comparable with most European plants.

Such technology is extremely modular and provides a significantly better finish to the product with high quality levels.

fibre2fashion: Taking Malwa to next level, are there any plans on card?

Mr Tarun Chawla.

# Moving up in value chain of the products by offering differentiated denim like Coated Denim and Ring Denim products with multi-count, compact yarn, slubs, multi-slubs, Lycra, with specialised finishes.

# Moving up in value chain from distributor segment to direct brands sale.

# To leverage and take advantage of the tapering off of the overcapacity in Indian Denim segment which is expected by 2008-09.

fibre2fashion: What is your message to the Industry?

Mr Tarun Chawla.

a) Always be focused on 'Customer Delight' to improve the longevity and consequently margin of the business.

b) Continue to focus on product development.

c) Continue to foresee the Trends.


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