Friday, September 21, 2007

[ Technical Textiles - We need to Know]

This Blog is made by By Compilation of various articles on Technical Textiles as also in Textile Technology in few interesting areas. Few posts also may contain Blogger's remarks. Most of the Text and pictures are from Websites who permit copy or printing of Texts and pictures. In most of the cases and in all cases permission to copy the Text and Pictures are sought by sending e-mails to the concernerd authorities by directly and in few cases by the e-mail provided. I am sure that this Blog is to help students of Technical Textiles who have no acess to internet and who do not have the expertise to obtain the information nor the required e-mail ID for subscribing to various organizations for regular update on the subject of Technical Textiles.It is also a interesting point to note that not all universities in Textile have even the fecility to offer a undergraduate course in the subject.

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