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Fashion show to include sustainable eco-textile.

22 September 2007 - Issue : 748.

A model wears a wedding down created by Italian fashion designer Fausto Sarli during the fashion parade of the AltaModa high fashion week in Italy, July 9, 2007.


Green campaigners recently received good news last week that the pro-nature efforts have now made its way to even the fashion ramp, Ecotextile reported. Organisers of "White," the women's pret a porter fashion event in Milan, recently revealed that their next show would feature the launch of CLASS – a new platform created to specifically highlight sustainable eco-textiles. The organisers claimed that CLASS (Creative Lifestyle And Sustainable Synergies) would be a reference point for fashionistas to identify better ingredient products to improve their own brands offer.

Sandy MacLennan from East Central Studios Ltd who helped to set up the CLASS pavilion was quoted as saying: "We decided to launch CLASS in conjunction with a finished goods show to see what kind of synergies could be leveraged through decision makers rather than leaving raw materials just languishing upstream waiting for a nibble from the supply chain. To that end, we have partnered with 'White' to make this area unique and also to link it to eco-dedicated brands exhibiting their seasonal fashion ranges."

Companies taking part in the CLASS pavilion in the next show, according to the organisers, would include Birla Cellulose, Ingeo, Filati Maclodio, Lei Tsu and Filpucci for yarns, Molina for fibre fill, with fabrics from Calamai, Albini, EuroMaglia and Canclini. Birla Cellulose claims to make totally heavy metal free viscose fibre, which is available as spun dyed shades from stock in more than 100 colours. The company said that at "White," it would also show its new solvent spun, closed loop "Excel" fibre, which it says has compelling environmental credentials. Sustainable forestry management is said to be a key part of Birla's raw material stewardship along with community support through education and health initiatives, it was reported.

Also at CLASS, NatureWorks LLC planned to present its Ingeo brand for its complete portfolio of partners branded products. The raw material for all these new Ingeo products is the NatureWorks biopolymer resin derived from annually renewable raw materials instead of fossil fuels. It planned to showcase more than 20 of its partner's products, which range from conceptual garments from Masako Oka to T-shirts from Salewa and socks from Fox River, as well as fabrics for apparel from Toray and Piave Maitex and also for home furnishings from Designtex, it was reported. Italian yarn producer Filati Maclodio was preparing to show a wide range of sustainable yarns including organic cotton, cashmere, angora, silk and wool. The company works with Lenpur, the soft cellulose fibre made from white Canadian pines and also supplies Milkofil, the innovative biological fibre derived from milk. At CLASS it planned to focus on its "green" product line as will the other spinners and fabric producers at the new event.

"This is the first edition for CLASS and as such is the introduction of the sustainability concept directly on the fashion stage," organisers were quoted as saying. "The next steps will see a proliferation of product synergies that can be seen throughout the year in showrooms in New York and Milan.",

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