Friday, October 26, 2007


Stretchable knitted substrate.

A stretch fabric substrate for medical use has been developed by Alcare of Tokyo, Japan. The substrate may be used, for instance, as an orthopaedic water-curable casting tape. The simple knitted structure provides a desired elastic recovery of elongation such that no reduction of the fabric substrate in the widthwise direction occurs when elongation is applied lengthwise.

Some news from Russia on textile progress.

Net profit of "Russian textiles" has grown in 2 times.
The net profit of the Open Society "Alliance "Russian textiles" on RSFA in January-September, 2007 has grown in 2 times up to 37.05mln rbl. from 18.3mln rbl. in the similar period of the last year. The materials of the company testify it about.
The net profit of the alliance in the III quarter 2007 has decreased up 28% to 11.95mln rbl. from 16.536mln rbl. in the II quarter 2007.
The alliance "Russian textiles" - the largest Russian textile holding - delivers clap-fibre, textile chemistry, manufacture and realization of the fabrics, ready garments, export of severe and stuffed fabrics.
The structure of the holding includes: the Open Society "Tver Manufactory", the Open Society "Teykovsk CC", the Open Society "Murom CC "Krasniy luch", the Open Society "Kamyshinsk CC" and the garment factory of the Open Society "Elegant".
The basic shareholders of the company is Tex Development (25%), the Open Society "Dominkhim" (18.75%), the Joint-Stock Company "Tri-realty" (18.75%), the Open Society "RusTeks" (18.75%). The alliance per 2008 plans to lead IPO on the Russian exchange platforms of RTS and the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange. As the organizer of accommodation will TransCreditBank will act.
The net profit of "Russian textiles" on RSFA in the I half-year 2007 has grown at 1.65 times up to 25.1mln rbl. from 15.2mln rbl. in the similar period of 2006.
The net profit on ISFA in 2006 has grown at 2.12 times up to 25.25mln rbl. from 11.9mln rbl. in the similar period of 2006, proceeds - up 4% to 10.2mlrd rbl.
"AK&M", 01.11.2007 13:42.

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