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Founded in 1988, Everest Textile is currently the only vertically-integrated textile company in Taiwan specializing in yarn spinning, twisting, weaving, dyeing, finishing, printing, and coating/laminating special after treatment and process. We manufacture filament and staple textiles combining high technology with fashion concept and have long specialized in the development of innovative products with high values-added that help create value for our customers.
Everest develops various products including multi-functional membranes, chips&yarn, various fabrics for whole markets (sports&outdoor, city&Casual), multi-functional synthetic leather, high perfomance industrial fabric, home textile, and green fabrics complying with Everest Sustainability Model such as PLA, Organic Cotton, and Recycled Polyester etc. Our hard work has paid off in the form of accolades from our brand customers. We have successfully become a major textile supplier to the world's greatest outdoors, sports and leisure wear brands including Nike, Adidas, Puma, Patagonia, Spyder, The North Face, and Columbia.
Currently Everest has three production plants in Taiwan, Shanghai and Bangkok, which totally employ more than 3,000 people and produce in excess of 74 million yards of fabric each year. Marketing offices in Shanghai, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Tokyo, and Osaka serve global markets, while five local offices in inland China established in 2006 allow us to serve the surging Chinese market and reach the goal of "global deployment with localized management". In order to enhance its energy of innovation, Everest is hiring French consultant to upgrade design ability. Everest Technology Research Center is also constantly performing innovative R&D and developing key technologies, raw materials, and various new products (functional masterbatch, textured yarn, membrane, and textiles), so we can quickly manufacture products in mass and bring them to market, for quick sales revenue and prompt response to consumer demand. This is both Everest business model and the driver of profitability.
For the future vision, Everest has integrated the management team by "knowledge building" and recognized the top priority as "INNOVATION" to lead the market challenge. The company has sailed for its blue ocean by creating the "Value Innovation" and expanded the product application to environmentally friendly fabrics and industrial textile. The high-tech oriented company will bring to all stake holders more value and growth in the future.
Polyester fiber is an economical product with water absorbency, wind resistance, water repellence, and quick dry function. Relatively short fiber and nylon products are particularly good at eliminating sweat, making it an excellent choice for sports clothing. It is also suited for making fashionable clothing and household fabrics, which can be infused with completely different lives through the use of different false twisting methods and follow-up processing. This in turn showcases the diverse appearance and value of clothing and household fabrics and it is this that makes polyester one of the most universally popular fabrics currently available.
Polyester Products:
Fabric to Daily.
Stretch Fabric.
Fine Denier Fabric.
Cottony Fabric.
City Wear Fabric.
Green Fabric.
Star Product.
Sales Contact.
Fabric to Daily.
Ever Quick Dry.
The inner layer has a special three-dimensional weave, making use of the principles of siphonage and capillarity to guide sweat to the exterior of the material where it evaporates. This ensures the wearer remains dry and avoids being covered in sweat and the uncomfortable sensation of clothing sticking to one's skin after physical exercise.
Quick dry:Excellent wicking ability that helps fabric absorb sweat, diffuse and quick dry.
UV Cut:high U.V. protection (UPF40)
Cooling:moisture evaporates quickly; better cool hand feel than natural fiber.
Easy Care:machine washable and dries quickly.
End Use:Nordic Walking, Team Sports, Running, Gym.
Ever Function Active Sports.
This fabric is highly water repellent and has medium resistance to water pressure and wind. It also has extremely good air permeability and is suitable for general outdoor exercise and leisure activities. In the event of drizzle clothes made from this material will repel the rain and even in a downpour, the water pressure effect ensures the wearer will not be soaked. This makes the fabric extremely suited to the manufacture of functional wind resistant jackets.
End Use:Team Sports, Running, Cycling, Golf.
Ever Chambray & Semi metallic Active Wear.
The special two-colored effect together with a popular changeable weave exterior, makes this an especially attractive fabric for young people who favor fashion and new innovative things. The combination of stunning exterior and sturdy interior means that anyone wearing clothing made from this fabric is sure to attract the attention of passers by.
Ever Sports / Daily Casual.
The products that have sold best over the long term for Everest Textile Ltd. are high in quality, delivered on time, highly suited for a variety of sports and for leisure activities at home.
End Use:Nordic Walking, Team Sport, Cycling.
Ever High Color Fastness.
High color fastness fabric allows contrasts of deep and light and dark colors, allowing clothes to changeable bright colors. Dark colored fabrics can be directly washed without any color migration.
End Use: Team Sports.
Ever Full Dull Material.
Using full dull yarn to mix with texture yarn, stretch yarn, and comfortable yarn, the fabric has smooth and soft hand feel with powder touch, and the appearance is duller than regular fabric bringing high quality to the fabric. Additionally, It has permanent UV-cut function to protect wearer against harms of UV light (ultraviolet).
End Use: City & casual wear, office apparel, garment for team sports, sun sports & water activity.
Ever Water Sports Surfing / Sunny sports.
Adding anti-UV and anti-chlorine agent in dyeing and finishing process makes this collection excellent UV-cut and anti-chlorine. Ever water sports surfing / sunny fabric is the best partner for sun and water sports.
End Use: Sun & water activity.
Ever Functional Material.
This collection is composed of different functional textures including,
Ever Carbon: Anti-static fabric.
Ever Silver: Nano Silver anti-bacteria fabric.
Ever Colorfastness collection: High color bond fabric.
Ever Hollow: Hollow thermal fabric.
Ever Fly Cool: Cool yarn fabric.
End Use: Multi-functional usage.
Stretch Fabric.
Ever Quick Dry / UV Cut/ Anti Chlorine.
This type of fabric absorbs moisture and is sweat conductive, making it suitable for making sports jerseys and shorts; anti-UV fabric allows the wearer to relax even on hot sunny days; anti chlorine fabric also removes the need for concern for color migration when playing on the beach. These are all fast selling new technology fabrics.
End Use: Nordic Walking, Team Sports, Running, Gym, Surfing, Sun Sports.
Ever Active Sports Stretch.
This fabric is exceptionally stretchy and perfect for clothing worn during particularly strenuous sporting activities.
End Use:Nordic Walking, Team Sports, Running, Cycling, Surfing, Sun Sports.
Ever Polyester Stretch(2~4way).?u>
Suitable for producing urban fashions, the 2 way stretch gives the fabric a higher value. Polyester has a high degree of elastic rebound and hangs well.
End Use:City & Casual , Work Wears.
Fine Denier Fabric.
Ever Wind Proof.
This fabric uses a highly concentrated weave to prevent the down penetrating the material. In terms of texture it is light and soft to the touch with and refined exterior, making it the perfect choice for down clothing.
End Use:Hiking, Climbing, Nordic Walking, Cycling, Skiing & Snowboarding.
Ever Ultra Light Weight.
This is the lightest functional fabric currently available on the market. Other than being exceptionally light it also has a refined texture, weighing less than 40g per m2. The thin-fiber and dense structure makes coating unnecessary. It is wind resistant, drizzle proof, extremely water repellant, moisture permeable but also remains soft and comfortable to the touch. Being extremely light and thin, the fabric can be pressed into pocket sizes, convenient for carrying things and suitable for long journeys, hiking, mountain climbing and the manufacture of light coats, and jackets for outdoor activities.
End Use:Nordic Walking, Finishing, Running, Cycling, Golf
Ever Function Active Sports(CLIMA I & CLIMA II).
This fabric is highly water repellent and has medium resistance to water pressure and wind. It also has extremely good air permeability and is suitable for general outdoor exercise and leisure activities. In the event of drizzle clothes made from this material will repel the rain and even in a downpour, the water pressure effect ensures the wearer will not be soaked. This makes the fabric extremely suited to the manufacture of functional wind resistant jackets.
End Use:Team Sports, Running, Cycling, Golf.
Cottony Fabric.
Ever Sports / Daily Casual.
The products that have sold best over the long term for Everest Textile Ltd. are high in quality, delivered on time, highly suited for a variety of sports and for leisure activities at home.
End Use:Nordic Walking, Team Sports, Cycling.
Ever Golf.
This fabric is designed specifically for golf. In addition to being elastic, Breath-ability and Quick dry function, special attention is also paid to the external appearance of the material, with a distinctive imitation wool feel providing the wearer with clothing that is extremely comfortable and top of the range. End Use:Golf.
City Wear Fabric.
Ever Intelligent Memory.
Ever Intelligent Memory makes use of the newest type memory fabric processing technology, utilizing improved polyester yarn. The combination of the material's special softness with high density weaving techniques) means that once the material comes under external pressure more natural elastic lines are created, returning to its original shape and appearance. It is also easily adjustable. This fabric allows one to pick and choose exterior clothing lines; choose where you want to be creased and where flat. EverTek memory fabrics are able to remember how the user wants an item of clothing to appear. We provide 3 different types of memory fabrics including Ever Metallic, Ever Piece Dye and Ever Yarn Dye.
Ever BYNY.
This fabric uses special technology to create a natural leather sheen and wax feel. The exterior is reflective of light, imitating old-style feel of being washed. The use of unique post processing techniques gives the fabric a smooth and waxy feel, making it both soft and elastic. At the same time, it also repels water, is easy to clean and maintain. This product feels like real leather, creating a smart and fashionable appearance, making it perfect for both formal and informal wear.
Extreme Bright.
Whereas Ever BYNY has a creased shiny effect, Extreme Bright series has another shiny surface effect products. Moreover, its brilliant sheen is produced by special high temperature press technology. The exterior is fashionable, texture soft and refined meaning that the fabric can have multiple practical functions including the fact that it is wind resistant, drizzle proof, it is also durable and water repellant. This material can be washed at home and will retain its luster for a long time, making it perfect for jackets and down overcoats.
Ever YNY.
The inspiration for the development of this product comes from the fact that many after being washed over a long period of time, many garments look old but have character-filled natural creases. Using a different closely knit warp/woof density and special post processing, Ever YNY makes the fabric appear different to those with a normal creased natural washed effect), will ensuring it remains soft and comfortable. Smooth and dry to the touch it is also has good size stability and elasticity. In addition, this fabric keep the wearer warm in winter and cool in summer and can also be made to repel water or dry exceptionally quickly, suitable for urban and leisure markets.
Ever Suiting.
Together with mixed fabric with carbon fiber this group of products is wind and water resistant. They also repel water, dehumidify and add to that far infra-red heat retention and ion health elements and its special feel make this fabric suited for the production of trousers or a set of clothes.
Ever E-1000.
This is a highly mechanical elastic yarn. After false twisting and dying and finishing the result is a fabric that is highly elastic and good recoverability with a soft texture and long term elasticity.
Ever Silky Hi-Twist.
This fabric has impressive hanging and is rich to the touch, making it an excellent choice for top-of-the-line clothing. This product has been warmly welcomed by many world famous clothing brand manufacturers.
Ever Velvet & Suede.
Each different type of special yarn undergoes sanding processing, producing fabric that imitates the feel and exterior appearance of goose down or velveteen (velvet-plain).
Ever Upholstery (Nano Kids).
Utilizing Nano technology makes it possible to infuse fabric with very good stain removal capability, especially dirt or stains that are hard to deal with in daily life, for example: ball point pens, red wine, lipstick, shoe polish etc. It can be gently washed with clean water and as such is both easy to clean and environmentally friendly.
Ever Upholstery (Velvet & Tweed).
The water and oil repelling or easy to clean properties of special fabrics such as velvet and tweed can be enhanced through Nano technology, so that finished garments are both fashionable in appearance and functionally practical.
Ever Polyester Stretch & Ever Nylon Stretch.
The main characteristic of these two groups of products is that they have excellent four-way stretch. Ever Polyester Stretch has good elastic rebound and hangs well; Ever Nylon Stretch is made of stretch nylon, is soft to the touch, has good color fastness and is easy to maintain and store.
Ever Acetate.
Using special acetate compound features the fabric is highly elastic when dry, highly stable, does not shrink much when washed and naturally anti-static. Ever Acetate has a richly colorful and extravagant exterior, making it suitable for high-class dinner attire. It could be characterized as a newly extravagant product full of nobility and Refinement.
Green Fabric.
Ever Bamboo Carbon/ Ever Carbon.
Utilizing high polymer mixing technology, fibers that contain carbon particles are produced. This ensures that the material absorbs moisture, dries quickly and repels water. This also uses the far infrared rays and ion characteristics of Bamboo charcoal fiber to keep the wearer remains warm, promote blood circulation and the elimination of bad smells. After highly mechanical elasticity processing, Ever Bamboo Carbon is highly elastic and has excellent recoverability, a soft and refined texture. It is also a stretchable fabric that is both health and comfortable to wear. Also, the color of bamboo carbon yarn is usually black or grey and dyeability is thus affected. To rectify this, Everest has introduced a white bamboo carbon yarn with rich color changes to allow more flexibility in terms of fabric application. End Use:Team Sports, Running, Cycling, Golf.
Ever Recycle.
This fabric is produced from 100% recycled polyester, materials are from used polyester bottles and old clothes or fabrics. Not only is the quality and appearance exactly the same as that for new products, a number of new functions are added, including breathability, quick dry and water repellence. This infuses the products with new life and makes them both easy to clean and arrange. End Use:Team Sports, Running, Cycling.
Ever Green Product.
Everest develops many environmental-friendly produts including Ever ECO-Pet & Green plus, Ever Organic Cotton, Ever Bamboo, Ever Tencel and PFOA/PFOS Free.
Another Invention of Everest.
Using low voltage,Eversoft heat heats up quickly and evenly.It is light as ordinary textile and can be folded at will,easy to carry outside.Even after machine sewing, drilling holes or water washing its heating function will not be affected,it is light and convenient,safe, comfortable and durable.Eversoft Heat Chair.
A fabric for out door sports by Everst and many more products highly interesting.
Using multiple kinds of yarn types and false twist composite processing gives Ever Fashion × Function rich and vivid texture, along with the best drapability and elasticity. The fabric surface has a multi-colored dyeing effect, providing the appearance for fashionable design, and lamination processing technology gives it high level windproof and waterproof properties. It combines function with fashion to become one of the major trends on the market.
Combining a fashionable appearance with function, Ever Fashion × Function perfectly meets the requirements of wearers for higher quality function, especially in terms of strengthened resistance to wind and water, with a level reaching W/P:20000mmH2O (JIS-L10992), MVP: 20000g/m2*24hrs (JIS-L1099B1), providing wearability for urbanites at work or during outdoor activity. When you combine it artfully, one piece of clothing can display different kinds of styles.
Suitable for fashionable urban jackets, windbreakers, or outdoor activity wear and ski apparel.
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