Thursday, November 22, 2007


RadiciSpandex Products & Capabilities.
RadiciSpandex offers an extensive line of elastane/spandex fibers to meet the needs of any stretch or elastication application. This product line is backed by Market Product Managers and Product Performance teams that are supported by a fully functional Technical Customer Service support laboratory and staff that understands every market application.
Several different and specifically engineered polymers provide the exact match for all end-use physical and chemical performance requirements. From chlorine resistance to high heat resistance and soft retractive power RadiciSpandex has a spandex fiber suited for every need.
RadiciSpandex elastane fibers provide the performance element to active-wear, swim-wear, sporting and outdoor activity apparel fabrics and athletic-wear.
RadiciSpandex fibers also provide comfort, control, wrinkle resistance and fit in intimate apparel, body shaping garments, sheer hosiery, socks, dresses, suits, footwear, lining fabrics and outerwear.
Specially engineered elastic fiber products provide fit and functionality in disposable personal care products such as baby diapers, fem-care and adult incontinence garments, protective masks and other disposable medical and industrial garments and appliances.
RadiciSpandex is increasingly used as a performance element in upholstery, automotive, filtration and many other innovative industrial applications.
Best RadiciSpandex performance fiber match for your application. Then contact us for a personal evaluation of your needs and a scientific sampling and trial process that will result in an elastication solution that will enhance the value of your engineered fashion, medical or industrial products.
Performance, Diversity & Innovation.
RadiciSpandex has engineered polymer systems, spinning processes, and packaging "put-ups" aimed at meeting the needs of traditional and emerging fashion & performance elastic fabric and stretch application markets.
Regardless of the market, Spandex/Elastane fibers must meet rigorous specifications for physical, performance, durability, consistency and VALUE.
For these reasons:
RadiciSpandex has a product response to such needs as:
High elongation and soft retractive power.
Robust return modulus.
Resistance to chlorine, UV and perspiration.
Long, flat power curves for optimized fabric forming processes.
Resistance to high temperatures and affinity to a broad range of dyeing applications.
lycra spandex is the trade name for DuPont's version of the long-chain polymeric fiber. Invented at DuPont by American scientist Joseph C. Shivers in 1959, spandex sprang on the market as a replacement for rubber (latex) in women's foundation garments.

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