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KNITTED FABRICS : A structure produced by interlooping one or more ends of yarn or comparable material; a fabric constructed from intermeshed loops.
BEKAERT knitted fabrics are circular (Knit KNC) or flat (Knit KNF) knitted in 100 % stainless steel or a blend of stainless steel and glassfibre.
BEKAERT knitted fabrics combine heat-resistance with the properties of knitted fabrics, such as stretch and softness.
They are widely used as covering material in the automotive glass production.
BEKAERT quench products are warp knitted fabrics in 100 % stainless steel (Quench), blended with PBO (Megaquench and Novaquench) or 100% PBO (Goldquench).
They combine heat-resistance and mechanical durability with the softness of a textile cloth.
Used as covering material in automotive glass.
BEKAERT sleeves are 100 % stainless steel (Sleeve), a blend of stainless steel and PBO (Novasleeve), a blend of stainless steel and para-aramid (Parasleeve) or 100% PBO (Goldsleeve) tubular rib structure knitted.
They combine heat-resistance and mechanical robustness.
Typically used in automotive glass manufacturing as covering for rollers.
WOVEN FABRICS : A cloth made by interlacing the threads of the weft and the warp on a loom. A structure produced when at least two sets of strands are interlaced, usually at right angles to each other.
BEKAERT woven fabrics are fabrics in 100% stainless steel or a blend of stainless steel and para-aramid. It is available as a sheet or a tape.
They combine heat-resistance and mechanical durability with the softness of a textile fabric.
Typically used in the glass industry mainly in high-temperature environments.
BEKAERT tape products contain 100% stainless steel. They combine heat- resistance and mechanical durability.
They are mainly used as female ring covering material for the sag bending of automotive glass.
FELT PRODUCTS: A type of textile fabric characterised by the densely matted condition of most of or all of the fibres of which it is composed.
BEKAERT felt products are needle-punched fabrics in 100 % stainless steel, a blend of stainless steel and para-aramid or 100% PBO.
Different products are available with or without a reinforcement scrim.
They combine heat-resistance and the softness of a needle-punched non-woven with the mechanical durability of a woven fabric.
ROPES: An article of cordage more than 4 mm in diameter obtained when (a) three or more strands of SS are laid or plaited together.
BEKAERT ropes are braids containing stainless steel (Rope) or PBO (Goldrope).
They combine heat-resistance and mechanical durability.
They are used as covering material in high-temperature range.
Company Profile.
As a full member of the Bekaert group, Fibre Technologies develops, manufactures and markets very thin metal fibres and metal fibre based products.
Bekaert is today the largest manufacturer of metal fibres in the world with production facilities in Belgium (Zwevegem, Wetteren), Japan (Saitama) and the USA (Research Triangle Park, NC).
These metal fibres are up to 60 times thinner than human hair and are available in various alloys. By using the metallic and fibre-like nature of metal fibres, unique products have been and are being developed.
Bekaert successfully combines various technologies, in order to produce excellent products with a clear added value for its customers.
Fibre Technologies also shares the Bekaert group's commitment to excellence. Its plants in Zwevegem, Wetteren and Research Triangle Park received the ISO 9001 Quality Certification in 1991 and in 1994.
Thanks to permanent innovation, Fibre Technologies continues to be successful in a wide variety of applications and products. The most important applications are Porous Media, Filter Elements & Systems, , Heat-Resistant and Electrically Conductive Textiles, and Conductive Fillers for Plastics. Porous Media
Bekaert has over 20 years of experience in the production of Bekipor® non-woven, sintered metal fibre filter media. Bekipor® is used in a wide variety of industries, from polymer to automotive and aerospace. Porous Metal Filter Elements & Systems.
Advanced Filtration manufacture and market filter elements and systems for liquid and industrial gas applications, based on the unique advantages of sintered porous metals. Thanks to our alliance with Mott Corporation we can offer metal powder and metal fibre based solutions. Innovative Textiles.
Bekaert heat resistant separation material (former Bekitherm®) is a range of metal fibre fabrics to withstand extreme temperatures, e.g. in the production of windshields for cars. Bekinox® are metal fibre products blended with synthetic fibres for the production of anti-static and electrically conductive textiles. The products are commercialised by Bekintex NV, a wholly owned subsidiary of Bekaert NV. Conductive Fillers for Plastics.
Beki-Shield® stainless steel fibre grains for conductive plastics are the most efficient solution to protect against Electro-Magnetic Interference (EMI) and to avoid Electrostatic Discharge (ESD).

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