Sunday, February 17, 2008

Coconuts and bamboo - the future of fabric ?.

Liz Ford.
Saturday February 16, 2008.
The Guardian.
Coconuts and bamboo - the future of fabric?
Clothing that incorporates voice-recognition sensors, survival equipment and satellite navigation technology has been created by students working on a collaborative research project at the University of Wales, Newport. Students from Sweden, Finland, Spain, England and Wales spent three weeks on the project to create the blueprints for a range of futuristic sportswear, corporate wear and "action" clothing using ultra-light fabrics created from recycled bamboo and coconuts. While the aim of the project was to introduce students to new skills and create garments with "state-of-the-art technical textiles", the challenge was also to create clothes aimed at the "rapidly expanding older population" - which we guess means fiftysomethings who like adventure, but can't read maps.

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