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SUNFLAG TEXTILE & KNITWEAR MILLS LTD is a leading Textile Mill in the East Africa producing international quality Textiles in, Knits, Woven, Spun yarn, as well as knitted garments for export markets. It is promoted by the Sunflag Group, an International conglomerate having interests in Textiles, Steel, Health Care, Property Development with operations in India, Kenya, United Kingdom, Nigeria, Thailand, Cameroon and Tanzania. The Sunflag group, founded by Shri Satyadev Bhardwaj in Kenya in 1937, today has its operations spread over 6 countries spanning 3 continents and a diversified range of activities. In Kenya at present it has five sizeable factories for manufacturing: 100% Cotton Combed Yarn. Complete range of woven fabrics. Entire range of knits fabrics. Knitted Garments of different styles for export markets. Warp knitting division. Sewing thread for domestic and industrial purposes. Kenya's largest Manufacturing Units in Terry Towel, Mosquito nets, Bedsheets. Sunflag Textile & Knitwear Mills Ltd. P.O. Box 41627 Nairobi, Kenya.
Spinning Division

The spinning division of the Corporate has over 20,000 Spindles and 400 Rotors. It caters mainly to the raw material need of the Weaving and the Knitting Divisions of the corporate. It also supplies to the domestic consumers. It manufactures yarn of 100% Cotton, 100% polyester and yarn of various blends like Polyester Cotton, Polyester Viscose, etc., Yarn being manufactured are of Carded Yarn as well as Combed Yarn of various counts ranging from 6’s to 60’s of grey and dyed. wpe9.jpg (19313 bytes) It also supplies various plys of sewing thread. The plant has the twisting facility also. The various deniers of polyester filament yarn are twisted and supplied for warp knitting and weaving.
Knitting Division.
The Knitting division of the Corporate has large capacity in circular knitting as well as warp knitting. Its Knitting facility is the largest in the East Africa. It manufactures Single Jersey, Fred Perry, Fleece type of knits in Circular knitting. It produces regular & Lycra collars. It also supplies the specialized Knitted toweling as well as Jacquard knitted fabrics. The warp knitting, supplies the fine knit fabrics, mosquito net and finishing Fabrics. The processing and finishing house of the division also has modern facilities like High pressure and High temperature dyeing machines, calendaring machines, compacting machines, flat bed screen-printing, etc.,
Weaving Division.
wpe4.jpg (2312 bytes)The weaving division of the Corporate has over 130 Sulzer Looms and the State of Art processing machines from Thies, Bruc`kner, Benninger. The division is the largest Sulzer installation in East Africa. It manufactures very delicate fabrics like lining materials to the roughest like Canvas materials. Though it makes a variety of fabrics, it is very specialized in the Lining and suiting materials. It has a processing capacity of 18 million meters per annum. The processing and finishing house of the unit has modern facilities like, singeing. Raising, calendaring, printing, etc.. It also manufactures terry towels of various GSM with dobby designs for local and export market.
It is one of the largest producers of garments in Kenya. It has a capacity to produce 4.0 million garments in an annum. It manufactures T-shirts, Sports Shirts, Polo Shirts, Sweat Shirts, Caps, Leggings, Shorts, Jogging suits, Industrial suits, mosquito nets, bibs and ladies wears for both domestic and export markets.
Email: sunflaginfo@sunflagkenya.com

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