Saturday, March 29, 2008


Textile and Fashion Industries Association The Textile and Fashion Industries Association numbers around 140 companies, employing thousands of workers. The Association comprises secondary sections in various fields, including: dyeing, military/security textiles, domestic textiles, swim wear, underwear, apparel and raw materials. The Directorate of the Association determines its overall policy and methods of dealing with macro-branch issues, as well as handling ongoing problems relating to the branch as a whole and to individual plants, vis-a-vis the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Labor, the Ministry of Finance, Customs Authorities, Ministry of Defense, the Police Force and other relevant bodies. Representatives from the Association’s management meet with captains of the economy, with the media and others who are likely to influence and to assist in dealing with problems facing the sector. Directors are elected by the MAI General Assembly, and the Association’s chairman is an active member of the MAI Presidium. The present chairman of the Association is Mr. Ramzi Gabai, Managing Director of Ofis Textile Ltd. Elected member industrialists participate in the meetings of the MAI Executive Committee and various other committees (foreign trade, economics, labor, etc.), where they represent the sector’s interests. Secondary sections of the association meet from time to time to discuss current issues. The Association’s director and his staff, who are in constant touch with the factories and relevant authorities, put policy and management decisions into practice. Members of the staff visit factories in order to learn at first hand about individual and overall problems, with the aim of solving problems in the framework of offered services.
The Association is represented in: The Standards Institute of Israel Shenkar School of Engineering and Design WIZO College, Haifa Israel Textile Union Editorial Board of the “Yalkut” journal. Remarks by the blogger - "We also have Rockets and Guns but not this system in our Textile Industry".

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