Friday, May 2, 2008


Linksys Jumps On The Environment Bandwagon With Green Packaging
After almost destroying the internet as we know it (ha!), Linksys have decided to embrace nature by revolutionising their product packaging. Here's what they've done: * They've ditched the sleeve inside the box that tells you all about the product - all that info is now written on the box itself * The size of each product's box has been reduced (which must mean that the sleeve information is in a tiny font, I guess) * All the packaging is going to be recyclable or bio-degradable * Everything's printed on recycled paper with eco-friendly inks made from vegetable and soy (yum!) * Plastic bags are being eradicated wherever possible Apparently all this ecofriendly effort has resulted in more than 40% reduction in waste materials. Which is a lot. If every tech company put in this kind of effort, we could be living in a sparkling utopian vision of the future after all.
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