Monday, May 12, 2008

[ Technical Textiles and Military Textiles - 2 ]

Reputed Textile Mills in India have perhaps already Joined the band of Technical Textile manufacturers by producing the fabric 'Camouflage,Concealment and deception fabrics'.the present requirement of Indian army and it's various units.
Our Army is not involved in Iraq or Afghanistan conflicts and our defense specifications for this fabric, will be perhaps not the same as that of those,involved in the conflict at Iraq or Afghanistan.
The present specifications whatever is not a challenge to our textile technologists and the Army's requirement can be met by our textile giants.
What are the special specifications of our future soldiers fabric.
The fabric must be:
Blast and Ballistic protective,heat and flame protective,biological and chemical protective,sweat and odor proof,thermal insulated,water permeable,dust and mite proof,extream cold proof,rain and wind proof,bacteria proof and shock proof.
There are many other special specifications,such as nuclear protective,hypothermia protective,color changing,unwanted hair removal,smart textiles and skin technology incorporated in the fabric.
What are the needs in short range and long range depends on our research,testing with field trails and progress archived successfully at the earliest.
To come up with such a fabric of the future,what are our strength and weakness.
Our textile technologists are capable.Our Strength.
Our weakness.There are no mills or research organisations having state-of-the-art machinery and testing equipment.The know how and expertise to international standards in methodologies for product testing,process monitoring,quality control and on site consultations and other areas,such as product grading,purchase decisions,litigation support is not available to satisfactory level.
What to say,there is no university or college offering a degree in Tecnical Textiles in our country.
Our Tecnical Textile 'Guru's' are in other powerful countries.They may not like to return to India due to reasons they left India.
The history of Indian Textile Industry's past is something we are to be proud but the recent chapter is over 1000 textile mills big,small,mini,and cluster units in various forms,are shutdown including about 60+Govt owned Gaint mills.
Textile technocrats are impatient it is time a tough textile magnet comes forword and starts a state-of-the-art technical textile mill and a university with research division,we might have missed the bus but we will catch up with thouse countries who are progressing rapidly.

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