Monday, May 19, 2008

[ Technical Textiles - Wovens are from Yarns or Filaments - Nonwovens are from Fibers ]

This Book
Edited by Wilhelm Albrecht, Hilmar Fuchs Walter Kittelmann
Contributor Walter Kittelmann
Published 2006 Wiley-VCH
Science / Chemistry / Industrial & Technical
772 pages
Non wovens have come in to utilize from textile waste to the high-tech products using virgin staple fibers like like polypropylene,polyester,rayon,acrylic,carbon,polyethylene,polyolefin,nylon and other fibers even nowadays,all fibers, granulates,binders,and finishing agents are in use. This development entails a wider range of applications in the fields of hygiene, medicine, the garment-producing and building industries, interior design as well as further technical uses. A comprehensive information about non wovens, from the raw material fibres via the manufacturing processes to finishing and to the ready-made product to be described in this Blog is unnessasary.There are books by several prominent authors where non woven characteristics and the fields of application are discussed in detail as well as the processes available to test the raw materials, the intermediate and the final products are described.They are mostly.
1] Hand Books on the Subject.
Standard reference books on this subject that is "Non wovens".
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