Sunday, May 4, 2008


The yarn spun from machinery manufactured exclusively for this has the use in tailoring viz sewing thread with following properties
Product name: PTFE tailoring line.
Product explanation:
200D specification spools made through the twisting 400 to twist, is suitable for the following.
Thermostable filter pocket tailoring line.
The 600D specification through the twisting, is for weaving PTFE yarn.
Other specifications may be as required for other end uses.
1]100% pure PTFE
2]Suits the high temperature environment.
3]The chemical stability is extremely good.
4]The tensile strength is high.
5]The shrinkage is extremely low.
6]The wear-resisting performance is superior.
200D is 200 grams per 9000 meters
Other products manufactured from powder PTEF:
1] Tubes.
2] Rods.
3] Sheets.
4] Tapes.
5] Bushes.
6] Bearings.
7] Coated glass fabrics.
8] Conveyor Belts.
9] Electrical and Electronic components.
The list is endlees.

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