Friday, June 20, 2008

[ Technical Textiles - Vertical Blinds ]

Vertical Blinds bring color and texture to any room with light filtering fabric vanes.
The New Solar collection reduces glare while preserving your view.
At homes,offices,showrooms,hospitals; "windows" are common things you find, But there are things that makes your "windows" uncommon. You will find variety of Vertical and Horizontal Blinds that will give windows of your homes and offices an extra ordinary look.There are products for all type of window curtains, venetian blinds,Vertical blinds,Roman blinds,Rollwer blinds,Chick blinds,Venetian picture blinds.
They manufacture Blinds which have:
Rich variety of colors & patterns.
Glare Cutting feature.
Increased Privacy.
Sparkling Look.
Easy maintenance.
Some of the features of our blinds are outlined below:
Top Bottom Matching Color,Totally new Approach,Nylon Cord,Narrow Track Match Color,Acrylic Rod System,Left,Right, Center Stacking,Corrosion Proof,No Light Gaps,Fade Proof,Perfect over lap and Spacing,Wrinkle Free,Elegant Tilt,Cord,Vanes,Climate Controller,Plastic Bottom Chain.
They are all from a Technical Textile Vinyl Fabric with Chemical coating.

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