Saturday, October 18, 2008

[ Technical Textiles - Biologically Inspired Textiles.]

We are all aware that advances are being made in the textile industry, clothes are lighter and ironing is minimal but were you aware that these advances have been made not only from the discovery of new materials but nature has also played a part. Biologically inspired textiles from Woodhead Publishing is a pioneering new book that examines how biomimetics are being increasingly applied to textile technologies. Examples from spider silk to the self-cleaning lotus are used to illustrate how biomimetics can be applied to a range of applications. This exciting new book discusses the principles, production and properties of biomimetics. Chapters explore a variety of biological influences from animal furs and horsetail to plant stems as well as the future trends set to have an impact on the next generation of textiles and clothing design. A chapter on bionic developments based on textile materials for technical applications completes the volume with a summary of research activities in environmental and energy technology further emphasizing the advantages of mimicking nature. Written by a distinguished team of international authors, Biologically inspired textiles is a valuable reference for textile technologists, fibre scientists, textile manufacturers and others in academia. Posted October 17th, 2008 Using Nature to Create Better Textiles

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