Thursday, November 27, 2008

[ Technical Textiles - Industrial Yarn.]

The Spinning Machine for Industrial yarns as shown in the diagram at the ITME 2008 Exhibition stall at Bangalore consists of as mentioned at the left of the diagram which is not clear is given under: (1)EXTRUDER. (2)POLYMER MANIFOLD WITH HEATING BOX. SPINNING MACHINE. (3)SPINNING PUMP ( (4) SPINNING PACK. (5)ANNEALING HOOD,QUIESCENT HOOD. (6)CIRCULAR FLOW QUENCH. TAKE-UP MACHINE. (7)OILING. (8)CUTTER AND ASPIRATOR. (9)DRAW ZONE. (10)WINDER. TMT spinning system for industrial yarn is top-of-the-joint product by TMT Machinery that unified the capabilities of three major Japanese synthetic textile machinery supplier, Toray Engineering, Murata Machinery, and Teijin Seiki. TMT spinning system for industry yarn promises the highest reliability and yield. It is best engineered extremely user-friendly and smart looking. TMT spinning system for industrial yarn is superbly fine tuned so as to achieve the fullest satisfaction of the customer in all over the world by responding to the diversified request of the industry. Concept and Applications. :

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