Sunday, November 30, 2008

[ Technical Textiles - Microfilaments Spinning. 2.]

Bi-component Spinning by TMT's.

spinning system.

Supplying with two separate Heat-medium evaporator system, it is possible to set different and optimum temperature for each polymer, in the spin packs over the entire line as well as over the spinneret surface. By keeping the loss of viscosity of the polymer melt to a minimum, that leads to reduction of a yarn break and a broken filament.

Newly developed and specially designed monomer suction system, its feature is the uniform heating to the required temperature in the annealing zone, reducing the dipping and keeping the longer wiping cycle on spinnerets surface. The air flow is controlled perfectly in the yarn path area. And also important to the quenching system is the spin finish application, which is controlled by individual inverter.


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