Monday, December 1, 2008

[ Today is World AIDS Day.]

The 1st of December, World AIDS Day, is the day when individuals and organisations from around the world come together to bring attention to the global AIDS epidemic. 2008 marks the 20th anniversary of World AIDS Day. Whilst we have come a long ways since 1988, there is still much more to be done.

World AIDS Day 2008 materials are available online.

Sorry, the mail version of the World AIDS Day materials are SOLD OUT!!!!!

Approximately 2.5 million people were living with HIV in India in 2006. Whilst almost 25% of the country’s population is between the ages of 15-29 years, this age group accounts for 31% of people living with HIV, demonstrating that young people are at particularly high risk of contracting HIV. To face this risk and turn around the epidemic, young people must be encouraged and supported to take leadership roles within their communities.

This year, World AIDS Campaign, Wake Up Pune campaign and the Naz Foundation (India) Trust (Naz India), with the support of UNFPA and Aids Fonds, are organising two large-scale World AIDS Day events in two cities in India: Pune and New Delhi. The events will focus on young people as leaders and increase awareness around HIV and AIDS.

UPDATE 27 NOVEMBER: Out of respect for the tragic events in Mumbai, World AIDS Campaign and its partners have postponed the World AIDS Day rock concert happening in Pune on 1 December to sometime in the coming week. The date and time are still to be confirmed. Other events may be changed as well, so please continue to check back for more updates.

Our hearts and thoughts go out to all of those affected by these tragic events.


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