Monday, January 19, 2009

[ Technical Textiles - Gearing up for a TOUGH BATTLE.]

FICCI says Indian companies are capable of manufacturing nanotech embedded battle suit that can stop bullets,administer first aid and communicate with headquarters.says,it can supply clothing requirements of more than 15 lakh defense and 12 lakh paramilitary personal.

Ask Govt to favor domestic textile sector over imports.

This Blogger wants to know why the Govt can't ask the NTC mills to manufacture.

These NTC mills are funded and run by the Govt by bureaucrats who perhaps have no knowledge of textiles other than their dress for themselves and their families,besides other needs for household uses.

F I C C I study says many material currently in use are outdated and needed immediate UPGRADING.

F I C C I further says that Indian manufacturers are left out in the BIDDING RACE.

F I C C I pointed out that the expenditure on uniforms alone was to the tune of Rs.2,000 crore ( $ 400 million )

Besides uniform,technical ( military grade ) textiles are used in many other areas in defense, like parachute,bullet proof jackets,geo-textiles for border roads,tents,mosquito nets, medical uses where fabrics are needed .

Needless to say the govt mills [ N T C ]run by the tax payers money is spent on manufacture of the quality of our private unorganized power loom sector.

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