Sunday, February 1, 2009

[ Technical Textiles - Car Covers.]

Description. The ultimate in luxury. Ultra soft Satin is combined with special lycra yarns to produce the ultimate fit car cover. We then designed a special fleece inner liner to provide an even softer touch to prevent any scratches on the vehicle! The look of Satin, the fit of Lycra, and the softness of Fleece - The PERFECT indoor cover! Satin Stretch is an indoor Custom Car Cover fabric. It will fade if exposed to extended sun, and is not water resistant. Satin Stretch is the SOFTEST fabric available, and has Lycra yarns to hug every contour of your BMW 5-Series. Blind stitching results in invisible seams - this is a SEXY car cover! Features. * 100% custom fitted car cover, manufactured to order with a 1 year warranty. * Stretch Satin Custom Indoor Car Covers are for owners who want nothing but the best for their vehicle. * Satin material is the same that is used in the finest lingerie. * Stretches and hugs every curve of your vehicle to give it the ultimate custom fit. * There is no material from any other manufacturer like Coverking Satin Stretch. * Available in 8 different colors.


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