Monday, March 30, 2009

[ Technical Textiles - TATA'S NANO.]

With TATA'S NANO coming in to our Drawing Room,there is going to be one big boost to TECHNICAL TEXTILE Industry that has come in to our country in the Private Sector.The Govt controlled " NATIONAL TEXTILE CORPORATION " is still trying to know the subject and let's not bother about them,they are busy selling the vacant land of closed mills.

The private Sector has done a lot of ground work and having a swell time with their products such as;

Car Uphostry.

Seat Belts.

Boot & Floor Covers.

Flat Drive Belts.

Heat Proof Top Covers.

Floor Mats.

Seat Covers of various designs.

Car Covers of various Qualities and designs.

Automotive Filters: Optimizing Performance and Minimizing Environmental Impact.

Air Conditioning Filters.

So what is the need of the hour now.

There is a need for strategic planning and market analysis within the Mobitech products manufacturing industry.

This report will help The Mobitech Industry to:

Spot the technologies that are driving the market forward.

Understand the automotive Industry supply chain.

Anticipate and capitalize on future growth markets.

Recognise the impact of environmental regulations.

Catch up on the rapid pace of industry restructuring.

Identify the winning strategies for success in the global marketplace.

Assess the risks involved in investing in this sector.

Essential reading for:

Manufacturers of all types of automobile Industry manufacturing items listed above.

Manufacturers of raw materials and filtration media.

Automotive parts suppliers – wholesale and retail.

Manufacturers of vehicles and automotive systems.

Financial analysts covering the engineering sector.

Will the New Minister of Textiles Fund the Textile Research Organizations to take up the Study and help the Technical Textile Industry.?Let's say the report published before 2009.

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