Sunday, April 19, 2009

[ Technical - Textiles - Dow Corning Corporation of the United States to develop new textile silicone technologies.]

The world’s leading manufacturer of silicone materials and technology suppliers - the United States Dow Corning Corporation (DowCorning) has developed a new product from the DowCorning of the new textile silicone technologies will enable the state athletes And to keep feelings in the best condition. Football and other large impact force of sports for athletes, sports equipment important than anything else. In the pursuit of maximum performance, professional sports equipment buyers to understand the combination of silicon technology products, to provide the highest level of quality, aesthetics and safety. DowCorning senior product marketing CharieZimmer Commissioner said that the modern emphasis on athletes and equipment, combined with the latest trends in style and provide the protective effect of exercise clothes, the silica gel in the technical aspects of the new development will enable the sports apparel manufacturer to provide maximum performance, advanced Protection, and at the same time enhance the aesthetics of clothing and comfort. Over the years, retailers and consumers to seek emphasis on bright colors, printing on flexible clothing, especially in the T-shirt and shorts sports projects. Campaign sponsors like the logo on their uniforms, but the flexibility to the fabric of clothing made from the traditional color of the color fastness is not durable enough.

DowCorning has developed a breakthrough related to the color printing technology, manufacturers will be available for the use of printing technology in a variety of high-functional clothing. The new silicone paint in addition to a better durability and color fastness, can be provided to improve durability and prevent cracking, as well as the extension of the elastic fabric of the use of effectiveness.

DowCorning developed by an effective protection system (ActiveProtectionSystem) intelligent impact-resistant textiles, to provide protection without impeding freedom of movement and flexibility. The intelligent use of the Department of textile impact-resistant silicone coating raw materials processing, in the general state of the fabric has a soft, flexible nature of the oppression experienced heavy blow as soon as hardened, so as to help protect the wearer against Be harmed if the lifting of external force, that is, to restore the original soft, flexible features. Since the technology development, research and development of this technology has been applied to a large number of high-functional sports apparel market of protective fabric.


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