Thursday, May 14, 2009

[ Technical Textiles - Art Silk Weavers.]

Art Silk weaving is mostly confined to the decentralized power loom weavers. They may have the latest weaving preparatory and weaving machines but this industry is a cluster with out proper infrastructure. They produce all types of fabrics and process them mostly elsewhere and market anywhere. They are incapable of producing any Technical Textiles which can be exported or locally acceptable in quality standards. The quality testing to be done is not like their production of the material which is mostly done by skilled workmen,who may not know as to the end use of the product they are involved in. If Art Silk Weavers produce Technical Textiles acceptable in the International Market,they do not need any perks from the Govt. This will indeed enable India to beat China where Technical Textiles and Machinery is far ahead of India.

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