Sunday, May 24, 2009

[ Technical Textiles - Plastic Net Bag Machnine.]

Plastic Net Bag Machine.


Plastic net bag machine, also called mesh bag machine or vegetable and fruit net bag machine, which is specializing in plastic net bag used to pack fruit, toy, food, toiletry and so on. These bags are ventilate and attractive. They are not only protecting fruits or vegetables in fresh air circulation to reduce spoilage also can upgrade the value of commodities. They are perfect for automated and hand packing of produce like as fruits, toys, vegetables, flower bulbs, candies, etc.


The machine is equipped variable frequency drive (inverter), double rotational mould, far infrared ray energy-saving heater; cutting length of net bag can be regulated according to requirement. The machine can be produced according to customer net bag sample or customer demand.

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We see this in our Vegetable and Fruit Markets,but they have no Logo Markings of Made in CHINA or INDIA.

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