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We have in India the following Eight Textile Research Associations who are contributing their expertise to Technical Textiles:-
1)SITRA - South India Textile Research Association:-
Their activities are confined to Testing of Medical Textiles.
2)NITRA - North India Textile Research Association:-
They have Testing facility for Protech fabrics in all areas of Testing for Fiber,Yarn,Fabric and other elements that go in to the making of Protech materials.
3)BTRA Bombay Textile Research Association:-
Hometech a division of Technical Textiles is their expertise in Quality Standard for testing,namely Furnishing Fabrics,Bed Sheets,Towels,Pillows,Blankets,Woolen Shawls,Mosquito bed nets,Table Cloth,Upholstery fabrics,Cushion Covers.They do have Testing Facilities for Medical Textiles.
4)ATIRA - Ahmadabad Textile Research Association:-
Their website has no mention of participation in Technical Textile activities or any Grant from Govt Of India to associate in this,though the Association has a excellent group of highly qualified and research experienced textile technologists who have contributed many in depth studies of various textile mills for improving the performance in various critical areas of textile mill working.
5)MANTRA - Man Made Textiles Research Association:-
The activities of this Association is indeed note worthy in Technical Textiles as already posted in this Blog.
6)IJIRA - Indian Jute Industries Research Association:-
Indian Jute Industries Research Association [IJIRA] was established in 1937, the first co-operative R & D organisation rendering services to the Indian Jute Industry and Government Agencies who are promoting Indian Jute in export and domestic market. Beginning as IJMARI in 1937, the institute has grown over the years and moved to its current imposing premises in 1952.The Institute was opened by the Hon'ble Prime Minister of India - Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. The first founder Director of the Institute was Dr. G W Mac Milan IJIRA has since grown to be a premier R & D organization on Jute, truly a world class in infrastructure and sophistication, in research and resource development, and in capabilities and commitment.
Their work is confined to the following Activities:-
Raw Jute Development.
Chemical Processing.
Product Development.
Mechanical Processing.
Machinery Design & Development.
Information Technology.
Transfer of Technology.
Research Evaluation Cell.
Though Jute is a major natural fiber in Agrotech no activities in this area is shown in their website. Environment Cell - Perhaps this may be their research work in Technical Textiles.
7)WRA - Wool Research Association:-
Good old Wool is a natural Technical Textile Fiber,but this research association is doing a good work in other areas helping Sheep Farmers in India.
8)SASMIRA - Synthetic and Art Silk Mills Research Association:-
Their activities as per the website updated Jan 2009 has shown remarkable work in Technical Textiles in the following:-
1 )Web Adhesives for Automotive applications.
2 )Fitration media from BBA.
3 )Polymer filament non woven fabric.
4 )Moisture- Permiable water proof material.
5 )Non Formation Anti Bacterial Material.
6 )Perspiration - absorbing,quick drying new texture.
7 )Weft Knitted Heat protection(Protective Textiles ).
8 )Heat and Flame protective Clothing.(Protective Textiles).
9 )Comfort through aluminum - Coated Knitted Fabric.(Protective Textiles).
10)Well Camouflages Fabrics.
11)Fibers and Yarns for Healing.(Innovative Fibers.
12)Modern Fibers from microfilament yarns.(Innovative Fibers).
13)Corn Fibers from Japan.
14)Flame Retardant Polyester Fiber for Industrial applications (Innovative Fibers).
15)Heat and Chemical resistant fibers(Innovative Fibers).
16)A Net work for Textile Structures.
17)Ambient air detoxifying roller Blinds.
18)New Spacer Knit Product for Medical Bandages.
We have these Eight Research Association in India Not one of them has taken up a project to produce Bullet Proof Jacket badly needed by our Army,imported though.
The information is gathered from the websites of these eight Textile Research Associations.
Picture -> Courtesy:- SASMIRA.

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