Wednesday, July 22, 2009

[ Technical Textiles - Textile Microsystems Technique / Smart Textiles.]

Electronical assistants like navigation systems or parking distance control systems help us to make life easier. Those small, close and intelligent systems are integrated in our personal and business environment and can even be found in textiles. Clothing, which warms at low temperatures or gloves to phone with are already commercially available.

ELITEX® threads.

To realize such functionalities, small electronical components are integrated into textiles or the textile itself is used as a functional unit. The basis for those developments are partial conductive textile structures. Metallized threads whose electrical conductivity is modified with a specific electrochemical finishing treatment – so-called ELITEX® threads – provide the convincing advantage of problem-free textile machining on textile machines.

Textile manufacturing processes like weaving, embroidery, sewing, warp knitting or coating can be used for the integration of new functions for textiles. The resulting textile structures are the basis for the development of textile sensors, highly flexible stimulation electrode systems, actuators, solar cells, textile transdermal therapeutical systems, for the interactive release of active ingredients, luminescent textiles or special heating systems.

Developments for the integration of new functions provide capabilities for further visions. In comparison to conventional products, smart textiles are flexible shapeable and lightweight. They are predestined for applications in automotive and aircraft construction as well as for solutions in medical engineering, wellness, industrial-, home- and protective clothing.

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TJ said...

Oh that sounds very interesting! Phone gloves sounds funny too! I think I would feel kinda silly talking to my hand haha. Keep it up!!

S K G Rao, C Text. ATI. said...

Thanks TJ