Wednesday, September 16, 2009

[ Technical Textiles - Dow shows eco-softener in China.]
[ MICHIGAN - 10.09.09. Dow Corning Corporation will present its DS-9000 Eco Repel.]

DS-9000 Eco Repel, developed in conjunction with Devan Chemicals, is an eco-friendly, multifunctional encapsulated silicone additive for technical textiles which allows apparel manufacturers to increase softness and hydrophobicity on existing flame-retardant finishes without impacting flame retardancy.
Formaldehyde-free and formulated with a low amount of surfactants to reduce its environmental impact, primary applications include usage as a water-repellent silicone additive for textile flame-retardant finishes and a softener for flame-retardant fabric finishing formulations in the mattress ticking, tenting, canvas, upholstery and protective clothing sectors. Eco Repel is also said to have good compatibility with fluorocarbons.
"Most current flame-retardant chemicals negatively impact the softness of the textile, leading to very harsh fabrics, which then become uncomfortable-to-wear garments,” Peter Wu, Dow Corning’s Asia Technical Manager for Textiles said. “Moreover, the material type predominantly used in textile multifunctional treatment additives for flame retardancy contains fluorocarbon derivatives, which arouse increasing concerns of safety and environmental issues."
Visitors to the booth will also discover more information about how to achieve significant water savings during denim processing. Dow Corning GP 8000 Eco Solution has been deigned to save up to 50 litres of water on every pair of jeans. Using a unique combination of properties, the new softener is said to eliminate separate washing requirements, thus reducing water usage significantly, energy requirements, utility costs, and processing time, while at the same time increasing productivity.
Also available will be information on Dow Corning silicone textile printing inks, the latest range of which contain no organotin, phthalate, formaldehyde, PVC or solvents and the OP-8800 Premium Hydrophilic Softener, which provides an environmentally sustainable solution to the textile finishing market and contains virtually no VOCs.
Courtesy:-Dow Corning & Eco Textile News.

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