Friday, October 28, 2011

[ Technical Textiles - GreenFields delivers fully recyclable artificial grass system.]

27 October 2011, Genemuiden
A Dutch football club has installed a new 100% recyclable artificial grass pitch which uses a patented weaving technique which results in the turf fibres remaining upright.

Thanks to GreenFields, HHC Hardenberg (HHC) football club has a 100% recyclable artificial grass football pitch. HHC took the initiative for the project and by collaborating with GreenFields, artificial turf manufacturer TenCate Grass and installer C.S.C. Ceelen Sport Constructies, it can now boast one of the world's first genuinely 'green' artificial turf pitch.

United we stand.
Due to strong growth in the number of HHC members, an extra artificial turf pitch was an urgent necessity. Since the municipality had no budget available for a new artificial turf pitch, HHC Hardenberg had to acquire the necessary financial resources through its own (sponsor) network. Collaboration with GreenFields, TenCate Grass and C.S.C. Ceelen Sport Constructions resulted in the choice of the woven artificial grass system from TenCate Grass.
In addition to excellent playing characteristics, the product is said to have the most natural appearance and is 100% recyclable. New patented weaving technique The innovative artificial grass system is produced by TenCate Grass using a new patented weaving technique and the production process makes it possible to jointly use materials from the same product family (polypropylene and polyethylene).
The components of artificial grass, in particular the backing, coating and artificial grass fibres, are made using the same environmentally friendly material, making the entire artificial grass system recyclable in its entirety.

"This fully recyclable artificial grass system is the ultimate proof that, together with its partners, GreenFields develops and delivers innovative and environmentally friendly production solutions," said Gerrit van Weeghel, General Director of GreenFields. Hugo de Vries, Sales Manager and Head of R&D at GreenFields, is proud of the new product.

"This patented weaving technique not only makes the product 100% recyclable, but also gives it unique properties that offer a significant advantage to both the game and the players. Thanks to this special weaving technique, the fibres remain upright naturally."

"The patented weaving technique also offers lots of additional benefits, including greater fibre density and the combination of different types of fibres and heights in a single system. The result is a football field with playing characteristics that are indistinguishable from the properties offered by natural grass," De Vries added.


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