Wednesday, November 19, 2014

[ unveils Nonwoven Wipes project report.] unveils Nonwoven Wipes project report
November 03, 2014 (Global), a 24 X 7 platform that portrays a distinctive identity to technical textiles, has unveiled a Project Costing and Profitability Report for Nonwoven Wipes.
The increase in personal income levels and expansion of the middle class is giving rise to demand for value added consumer disposable items like facial cleaning wipes, moist towelettes, personal hygiene wipes and time-saving products like household cleaning wipes etc. 
The growing use of wipes in industrial and consumer applications, combined with modernization and consumer awareness, has led to an increase in demand of wipes globally. It is because wipes can be used either for absorbing, retaining or releasing dust or liquid quicker and easier than the alternative of dispensing a liquid and using another cloth/paper towel to clean or remove the liquid.
Asia is the third major market for nonwoven wipes, after North America and Western Europe. The nonwoven wipes market in Asia is expected to expand from US$ 1.3 billion in 2009 to almost $2 billion this year, supported by rapid growth in developing nations such as China and India.
China alone is likely to increase its demand for wipes to nearly $600 million in 2014 and will surpass Japan as the leading market in the Asia/Pacific region. With growing awareness about hygiene and rising disposable incomes, the Indian market is also expected to grow tremendously in the coming years, offering new opportunities for entrepreneurs.
The Project Costing and Profitability Report for Nonwoven Wipes exhaustively details the technological knowhow needed to set up a plant, including the raw material and machinery required and the production process. It also gives a list of companies manufacturing raw materials and worldwide nonwoven wipes machinery manufacturers.
In a chapter on ‘Overview of the market’, the report discusses worldwide nonwoven wipes growth and global nonwoven wipes scenario. It also talks about the growth and potential for nonwoven wipes in India.
The report compares the various technologies used for production of nonwoven wipes by European and Asian companies; the cost involved in buying land, building and construction; prices of wipes machines; several other costs involved including expenses towards power, manpower, utility, and contingency expenses and marginal money required; pre-operative expenses; raw material costing; finished product costing; profitability costing; and comparison of project cost and profitability for different European, Asian and Used European technologies. unveils Nonwoven Wipes project report.

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