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Breaking, Blog; 18th September 2022, Govt has decided to Close all 26 non working NTC Mills

Govt of India took over all the closed and other non working 111 Textile Mills over night by an ardinence during Indiara Gandhi's period to avoid unemployment to millions of textile workers.What happened afterwords in complete mess created by various persons who ruled NTC as Chairman & Managing Directors and their team of technocrats and beauraucrats as well as Textile Minister'sof Govt of India .Now the present govt having noticed the management of NTC deplorable have decided to close them all and sell lands to land sharks or some ones who will do better.The point to note is how did the huge loss to Govt happened and who are accountable must be found out and aaction taken.The Balace sheet must be scretanized by the chief of Govt Auditing. NO Mill except one textile Mill of Kerals's MP Sri.N K Premachandra gave a proposal to convert Parvathi Mills as a DRDO project to produce Defence Needs of all Textiles and carry on RESEARCH in Nano Engineering technology of Textile's. However in one shot with out taking any step the MP was informed that the Govt has no proposal on the subject that the Honorable MP submitted.
If all the MP's of KERALA get togerher and approch our PM with a Proposal to convert all 6 NTC Mills in KERALA as "Technical Textile" Mills and give the proposal to PM and request him to start all 6 textiles mills now Not Working to be taken over by DRDO and involve all the labour unions to co-operate in the interest of the stae and country with such a strong unity will definetly be considered with the help of SITRA the research organization with technical textile experts a huge future textile defence project.

But now what is happening is all workers are paid full wages with out any production which is a huge TAX Payers money gone every year and on the other hand the Textile Minister announcing relief to Textile Mills who manufacture Technical Textiles for exports and doll out tax payers money is what can we say, is a not so good of Textile Industry's benifit as also to the nation in the manner in which The Textile Industry is treated as a part time work for the cabinet Minister who manages with some body as minister of state with the help of a bureacrat.

In addition to the 29 MPs representing the state in the upper and lower houses, there are 4 MPs from Kerala who have either been nominated or elected from other states . Totally there are 33 MPs working for Kerala and representing Kerala in both houses in Parliament.33 MP's with a proposal who can Ignore???

Honorable MP's of Kerala State.(your God's own country)
1.  Kasaragod - Rajmohan Unnithan -INC 	
2.  Kannur - K. Sudhakaran - INC
3.  Vatakara - K. Muraleedharan - INC
4.  Wayanad - Rahul Gandhi -INC
5.  Kozhikode - M. K. Raghavan - INC
6.  Malappuram - M. P. Abdussamad Samadani - IUML 	
7.  Ponnani - E. T. Muhammed Basheer -IUML
8.  Palakkad - V. K. Sreekandan - INC 	
9.  Alathur - Ramya Haridas - INC
10. Thrissur - T. N. Prathapan - INC
11. Chalakudy - Benny Behanan - INC
12. Ernakulam - Hibi Eden - INC 
13. Idukki - Dean Kuriakose - INC
14. Kottayam - Thomas Chazhikadan - LDF-KCM 	
15. Alappuzha - A. M. Ariff - LDF - CPIM 	
16. Mavelikkara - Kodikunnil Suresh - INC
17. Pathanamthitta - Anto Antony Punnathaniyil -INC
18. Kollam - N. K. Premachandran - RSP 	
19. Attingal 	Adoor Prakash - INC
20. With MP's Like -Thiruvananthapuram -Shashi Tharoor and Rahul Ghandi-Waynand, can we not make 6 NTC not working Textile Mills, in Kerala work as Technical Textile Mills for Defense Textile needs for, Army,Air Force and Navy with the help of DRDO and 'South India Textile Research Association', who have the expertise in all branches of 'Technical Textiles' productions. Imports from China can STOP. A proposal given by MP of Kollam to Minister of Textiles Sri.Piyush Goyal is received with a reply to MP of Kollam which says there is no proposal at present ( who has to give the proposal to Textile Minister who is not a Textile Technocrat.) 
Who has given any proposal twice other than the MP of Kollam for any NTC mills by any MP of Indian Govt.?
Who has to give a proposal other than a MP of Kollam of Kerala where NTC by their mismanagement have stopped the Textile Mill in Kollam on account of some leagel huddle unsolved by a private party of the 'NTC selected' party for running a textile mills by a PPP joint venture only for the Textile Mill of Kerala. Do NTC have such a PPP Joint Venture running any NTC Mill in India?. Now the future of Kerala Young Generation of Kollam if they want to work in a Textile Mill where should they go after they get qualified in Textiles at a youngest age of their life?

Has the State Govt come forward to run the Kollam NTC Mills? they are the owners of the Land which was donated by The earstwhile Maharaja of Kerala State. They have a right on this land taken over by ordinance and not any acceptance or any agreement of Kerala Govt.NTC has closed a Textile Mill in Bangalore and sold it to a private Party who has build a huge mega meta apartments. So NTC has built a Brand New Textile Mill in Hassan District of Karnataka and now that mill is also stopped for god knows what good reason if any.

Sri.Rajive Gandhi MP and Sri.Shashi Tharoor MP along with a BusLoad of Kerala MP's of Congress should insist that all 6 NTC textile Mills in Kerala must be run as TECHNICAL TEXTILE MILLS for complete Defence Textile needs, there are 15 different TECHNICAL TEXTILE PRODUCTS (Medical Textiles, Geo Textiles 1.0,GeoTech 2.0,Sports Textiles,Construction Textiles,Non Woven Textiles Roof Yarn textiles,Mobile Tech,OEKO Tech,Pack Tech,PRO Tech,Build Tech,Cloth Tech,ctc,) which has to be managed by DRDO. There are NO MEGA or META BIG HUGE investment by the Govt of INDIA in KERALA. Where is the MAKE IN INDIA for TECHNICAL TEXTILES anywhere in INDIA run by DRDO for our DEFENCE NEEDS. Are we IMPORTING ANY FROM CHINA?.

Despite the economic slowdown and downturn in the overall demand for textiles due to Covid-19, the industry continues to be the second largest employer in India. By transforming a Covid-19 crisis to an opportunity, India has proven its ability to innovate and rise to the challenge with limited resources and time. Therefore, it is even more essential for the government and industry to collaborate to boost technical textiles, a high value segment of this sector.

NTC must Hand over all 6 Mills to DRDO who must run them on Technical Textiles for Defence Textile for Apperal and Functional use by Army, Navy and Air Force.

Technical textiles have seen an upward trend globally in the recent years due to improving economic conditions.Technological advancements, increase in end-use applications, cost-effectiveness, durability, user-friendliness and eco-friendliness of technical textiles has led to the upsurge of its demand in the global market. Indutech, Mobiltech, Packtech, Buildtech and Hometech together represent 2/3rd of the global market in value.
The demand for technical textiles was pegged at $ 165 Bn in the year 2018 and is expected to grow up to $ 220 Bn by 2025, at a CAGR of 4% from 2018-25. The Asia-Pacific has been leading the technical textiles sector by capturing 40% of the global market, while North America and Western Europe stand at 25% & 22% respectively.

Click on the Picture to Zoom & See the quantity of Technical Textile Production in India's scope for increase.


TO BE ANSWERED ON 21.06.2019
Will the Minister of TEXTILES वस्त्र मंरी
be pleased to state:
a) whether the Government proposes the modernization of Mills under National Textile Corporation (NTC), if so, the details thereof;
b) whether the Government has initiated action to protect the ownership of NTC in the landed property of the NTC at various places, if so, the details of the action taken thereon;
c) whether the Government proposes to re-open the NTC Mills, Parvathy Mills at Kollam, Kerala, if so, the details there of and if not, the reason therefor;
d) the action taken by the Government to protect the ownership of the land property and other assets in Parvathy Mills, Kollam; and
e) whether the Government proposes to utilize the land of Parvathy Mill for any other purpose, if so, the details thereof along with the present status of the case connected to the land property and assets of Parvathy Mills, Kollam?
वस्त्र मंरी (श्रीमती स्मृतत ज़ूबिन इरानी)
(a) National Textile Corporation (NTC) had been implementing Board for Industrial and Financial Reconstruction (BIFR) approved Revival Modified Scheme (MS-08) wherein, it has no mandate to revive the unviable mills closed under Industrial Dispute Act. (ID Act). As per the scheme, NTC has modernized its 23 mills on its own and endeavored to revive 5 through Joint Venture arrangements.
(b) In order to secure and safeguard the landed property of NTC at various places, security staff are employed by the corporation at all the locations.
(c) Parvathy Mills, Kollam is one of the Joint Venture (JV) mills which was under Arbitration. The Hon’ble Tribunal has given its award and directed both the parties to complete the requisite formalities within the stipulated time, failing which the strategic partner shall be entitled to receive the amount in deposit i.e. Rs. 8.40 crores from NTC without any interest. In view of above, at present, there is no proposal received from NTC to re-open the Parvathy Mills, Kollam.
(d) For the purpose of securing and safeguarding the assets and properties of Parvathy Mills, Kollam, adequate numbers of security guard are engaged on regular basis.
(e) In view of reply to ‘c’ above, at present, there is no proposal to utilize the land of Parvathy Mills, Kollam for any other purpose.

Blogger,s Comment.

The land was gifted by Maharaja of Kerala to the state to take up textile mill activities not for any other use.

NTC can buy the land for few crores & Make Mega Profit by selling the Land to any other activities.

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