Tuesday, May 23, 2023


Fashion changes every season,but denims have managed
to bulk the trend and can be worn for any season or reason.
Denims are hands down, 
Whether dressing up or dressing down,denium denium can be your ultimate option,if styled properly.From pairing blue jeans with an over sized shirt to simply wearing it with a t-shirt jeans are the most versatile pieces of clothing.And the best part is,you can just a few accessories and a voila,your denium game is up by one more level.
An IT consultant and content creater,Stuti Mishra says," love deniums for their multi-purpose looks you can have so many styles including formal,informal,casual and party look.The most favorite look any day has to be a boyfriend jeans.It gives you a loose fit that easily hides your extra flab".

In India Denim apparels for young is still not a party dress as
the look in denims jeans looks like travelling or driving long
distance dress. However youngsters dress in jeans if they on a
No tailor can stitch a denim fabric besides denim fabrics are
all sold as ready to wear fabrics.The apperal making industry
also is slow in bringing out fashionable fabrics in various 
colors is a attractive ad media on TV or Print. 

Jean's looking like torn up in places with fibers flowing and
around knees are seen in few places but are not popular in
India as our cultures are still in existing in our country.
My son wears a jean but not my daughter.

Youngsters would like to look differently so as to make them
ready to go anywhere,however the taste for different looks
in jean bottoms is not still a craze and people still feel
India is not a jean country.

Denim shirts & Skirt's 
There are many ways you can wear a skirt & Shirt during day
in any way you like and it will suit for a free walk in a
park or a picnic. If you are driving it's still better than
any other dress.You can switch off the Air Conditioner in
your car and feel the air blowing on your arms and face as
you speed on the country roads.

Denim is still a srtong bold comfortable dress a unisex dress.
Brown jean came & has gone.
Blue stays for Boys or Girls.

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