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(1)Pressure Sensitive Adhesives used in medical uses.
(2)Medical Technical Textile Fabric for Orthopedic Supports.
(3) High tech Laminating Equipment Machine for Medical Textiles.
(Estex Products,Inc.275,Center Street,Building 6,Halbrook,MA -02343)
Geo textile materials making your life comfortable,safe and everything.
Sun shade from technical textile fabric.
Terelene Brocade - Made in China.
COST - $ 1.20 / Mtr.
Berber Tiles.
Berber Tiles now manufacture the best and easiest wall to wall carpeting which you can install it yourself !.
12" X 12" self stick carpet.
Woven of stain,fade and static resistance OLEFIN®
2)The physical Therapists - Hot / Cold Warps.
Recommended by physical therapists these wraps are made of tough glycerin gel that retains both heat and cold transferring indirectly to joints or muscles to provide superior therapeutic treatment for injuries or chronic pain management.Developed by Dr.Edward Stout,an expert in polymer chemistry,the comfortably confirming body wraps are wound with four way stretch material,and can be microwaved for heat therapy,for cold applications.The latex free wraps are leak proof and the safe non-toxic gel won't dry out or harden,and remains flexible even at -20 degree F.Wraps stay hot or cold for up to 40 minutes and can be worn under the clothing after physical therapy for strenuous exercises.
Cost - Shoulder Wrap $ 80.
Knee Wrap $ 80.
Neck Wrap $ 50.
a technical textile fabric manufactured by"Southern Mills",
Now supplies fabrics for US Air Force,and other agencies who use their garments where the men have to fight in life threatening situations - protective clothing,in the aerospace industry,in anti ballistics's,for civil engineering projects,in horticulture, in fish farming,for the manufacturing of tents(with Sun Protection)and awnings and in the installation of artificial grass pitches.
Filter fabric for prevention of dust.Nonwoven bacteria free fabric.
( SGP International )
Ladies Swim Suit( Bacteria free )
Sur-Coat for the Surgeons in Hospitals. Bacteria free. Made by SGP International. Technical Textiles
SGPInternational Ltd.
This company is manufacturing the following category of Medical and Industrial Nonwoven Textiles.They are for medical uses,which are:Elastic Sheet 80x220cm 25g/m2 &50g/m2,Pillow case 50x80cm,Men's underware,Gown with short sleeves,Mask,Shirts and pants for patients,Visitors gown,Towel 40x70cm,Pancho.
Auto and Industrial Products depending on Technical textiles.
Wire mesh automotive and industrial products.
Automotive wire mesh products.
Exhaust air bag and other components used in on road,off road and non road applications.
Industrial wire mesh products.
High temperature seals and gaskets,shielding components,spacers,filters and more used virtually in every industries.
Bulk wire mesh products.
Rolls of knitted wire mesh used for insulation.
Cleaning,separations and other applications.
Mist eliminators and fractional trays and random packing and installation, Aerospace,Electronics,Industrial processes,Petrochemical & refining,Pharmaceutical.
Courtesy - ACS Industries Inc ( UK )

Having said so much on Technical Textiles,I just thought as well why should we not have a college exclusively for Technical Textiles in India.My efforts since then is on and the progress is very slow.

1 )What we need first is a "Technical Textile College and Research Center".
The needs:
Pre-Plan needs.
2 )An area of around 500 acres to be self sufficient with water and power.
3 )Nearest to a International Airport.
4 )A project Executive Director of International repute.
5 )The entire project cost by World Bank.
6 )State Government to give land and keep away from interference.
7 )Reputed International Contractor for the complete project and no sub- contractors.
8 )24 x 7 Hours work with no break - Plan.
9 ) Project to be completed in 9 months.
10 )A maximum of 3 months as due to unforeseen circumstances may be given over the project completion month of 9 months only.
11) The college needs a pilot plant to start with and complete required equipments that are essential as such and the need to synchronize everything is most important. ( The pilot plant can be expanded as a full fledged technical textile mill making huge profits to support the university)
12 )The college faculty needs to be in place at the commencement of the college.
13 ) The Civil,Electrical,Water works, Plumbing,Sanitary works and every damn things must go on PERT basis.
14 )Land scapeing & Garden works on the same basis as 13th,item.
15 )Most modren security system must be installed.
16 )A temporory huge godown must be made first to accommodate anything.
There seems to be more Technical Textile Organisations in PORTUGAL than in INDIA.
My sincere apologies to all for any E,O & C.
None of the Textile Research Institutes in India is doing hi - tech research in technical textiles.
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False -
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