Thursday, January 10, 2008

Diofort -World's first PPS-HT-MF,Yarn.

New multifilament yarns offer improved protection.

Diolen Industrial Fibers will launch Diofort, the world's first PPS (Poly-Phenylene-Sulphide) high-tenacity, multifilament yarn. This new yarn combines chemical resistance, heat resistance and flame retardance with high tenacity performance in filtration fabrics, mechanical rubber goods reinforcement and composites.

The company explains that in hot gas filtration, the resulting performance will improve through higher strength and better dimensional stability. The lifetime of the end products will also increase considerably, and the yarn properties open the possibility for lower fabric weight.

Vectran fiber by Kuraray America.

Kuraray America Inc, a specialty materials manufacturer, will feature Vectran HT. The fiber is a multifilament polyester-polyarylate yarn spun from liquid crystal polymer (LCP) and is suited for demanding applications thanks to its good flex-fatigue properties, very low creep and outstanding moisture, thermal, chemical and cut-resistance. The fiber also provides engineering solutions for aerospace, composite, inflatable, rope, cable and electromechanical applications.

In addition, Kuraray America will highlight structural fibers for concrete reinforcement; advanced fibers for paper and nonwovens, including developmental anti-static and electro-conductive fibers; spunlace nonwovens for hygiene applications; and synthetic leather made of super-micro fiber for industrial usage.

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