Friday, April 18, 2008

[ Nanotechnology-based Technical Textiles in Consumer Products, ]

Nanotechnology is the art and science of manipulating matter at the nanoscale to create new and unique materials and products. It is expected to lead to new medical treatments and tools, more efficient energy production, better access to clean water, more effective pollution reduction, and stronger, lighter materials. An estimated US$9 bn is spent annually on global research and development into the scope offered by nanotechnology. In March 2006 an inventory of 210 commercially-available consumer products made using nanotechnology was compiled by the USA-based Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars.

However, such is the pace of research in nanotechnology that this number is likely to be a major underestimate, given the time lag between developments and their subsequent transfer to consumer products. Health and fitness is the largest category in the inventory and, within this category, clothing is the largest sub-category. In fact, clothing is the largest sub-category in the whole inventory, although it includes a large number of clothing brands employing Nano-Tex protective treatments. Nano-enhanced technical textiles are also prominent in other field—most notably filtration, medical products and wipes.Smith & Nephew has created a fast-acting, bacteria-destroying wound dressing. Nanofilm has developed wipes which prevent fog forming on optical surfaces. Greenyarn produces Eco-fabric which is anti- microbial, anti-static and has other health benefits. Ecology Coatings has developed a coating which makes paper waterproof, while Miyuki Keori has developed a suiting fabric with hay fever sufferers in mind: it prevents pollen from clinging to it. Teijin has captured a variable colour effect in a fibre. Emergency Filtration Products has devised NanoMask—a face mask which kills bacteria and viruses. Orca has made a wetsuit with added buoyancy. And ArcticShield has made use of silver fibres to remove odours in clothing specifically for the hunting market.

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