Tuesday, April 29, 2008

[ New Zealand puts ]
[Gold nanoparticles with Merino wool for added value ]

Gold could add greater value to high quality garments. In nanoparticle form it is being developed as a new method of adding colour to Merino wool in New Zealand. So it is not only the fair sex who go around flashing their gold jewels allover their body up to their belly button. We the male will wear our clothing woven with nano technology using 'GOLD', of course they will get their piece of cake in their dresses, at present let us get dressed up with a Suit made of Merino wool the best fiber and the good old technical textile fiber woven studded with 'GOLD'. The textile technologists will not wait to capture the market in all types of fashion fabrics for the complete family. Wow - can you immagine what next?.

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