Tuesday, April 22, 2008

[ TECHNICAL TEXTILES - CANADA - "Eden Textiles" ].

VANCOUVER, April 21 /CNW/ - There is no denying that each year more and more products are coined with "green" buzzwords like "organic" and"eco-friendly". But for Canadian manufacturer, Eden Textile, the influence of "green" is not a new phenomenon. Since the company's inception, the importance of environmental sustainability has been at the core of the sought after:- Eden Brand. According to President Mike Wilson, "Our goal has always been to be the most recognized name in our industry, known for making superior products to the world's most exacting environmental standards." Products like Eden's Kiwi Collection are evidence that high quality beds and bedding can be produced to the highest eco standards, while still achieving luxurious comfort and durability. Each sheet in Eden's Kiwi Collection is created to the human ecological safety certification Oeko-Tex, meaning all Kiwi linens have met one of the industry's most stringent ecological standards. Few other textile manufacturers in the hospitality industry today hold this esteemed level of distinction. Eden Textile employs additional environmentally sustainable processes using non-toxic, non-carcinogenic chemicals from countries that enforce stringent environmental laws in accordance with ISO-14001. As an example, chlorine bleach and harmful chemicals have been removed from the manufacturing process and replaced with environmentally friendly compounds that break down into oxygen and water. Reverse Osmosis is also used in the construction of all of Eden's products meaning that recycled water is used in the processing phase of the sheets to minimize waste and avoid machine erosion. At Eden Textile the union of superior quality with an eco-conscience is ingrained into more than just products-its part of a larger belief of being a responsible global citizen.
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About Eden Textiles. Eden celebrates the senses through the experience of total materialcomfort. Exceptional hotels choose our beds, bed linen and bath linen to immerse their guests in luxury and beauty. We're renewing an ancient industry - textiles - with modern techniques and processes, a craftsman like approach, and the respect to safeguard the wellbeing of the natural ecosystems we revere.

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