Sunday, April 20, 2008


The Nano Fiber Golf Gloves first in World by Teijin.

Aramid Glove to protect your Fingers
Glove from PPE to protect from cuts.
The Bullet Proof Glove

[Chao-Chuan Cheng, of the Everest Technology Research Center, demonstrating a glove made with Ever Soft Heat.]
The father of all Gloves.

01] The good old gloves used by Surgeons.
02]The not so old gloves used in Cricket.

03] The disposable all purpose Plastic gloves.
04] The Kitchen Glove. 05] Then Comes -> The Control glove of Dr.Tilak.

06] The "E glove"
07] The Temperature control Glove.
08] Now from Everest Technology Research center: { "The Ever Soft Heat Glove"}
09] The Dyneema Glove.
10] The Glove with Cellphone.

11 ] The Aramid Finger Protecting Glove.

12 ] The Buttet Proof Glove.

13 ] The Glove to Protect your hand from PPE.
14 ]  The Glove for Golf Players.


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