Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Bridelaä Heat Conservation - the leading brand of purpose-designed reusable covers offering excellent insulation benefits for a wide variety of equipment including valves, flanges, calorifiers, strainers, separators, actuators, heat exchangers, elbow bends, etc..
More than 50,000 covers already supplied world-wide.
Fire Proof Blanket.
The Bridelaä fire blanket fully complies with the requirements of the European standard BS EN 1869 and has been independently tested and certified accordingly. It is available in a variety of standard sizes and has the added benefit of over 25 years of fire protection experience behind it. Efficiently packaged in a choice of containers for domestic or industrial use, these blankets, when draped over a fire, smother the danger by starving the fire of oxygen. The Bridelaä fire blanket can also be used to wrap around a person whose clothes are on fire. Suitable for use in a variety of different environments including kitchens, factories, offices, caravans, stores, schools, restaurants, hotels, boats, nursing homes, shops, laboratories, etc..

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