Wednesday, May 7, 2008


After the dismantling of the quota regime, the Indian textile industry has a new found enthusiasm and vision to play a major role in world trade in textiles and clothing. This is in total contrast to the new and emerging technologies in technical textiles. Generally, these are high value added textile materials satisfying various functional properties in technical applications. This industry is in its nascent stage in India.
BTRA has been working in the area of product testing/product development in certain technical textiles by non-woven route for the last 16 years. A range of test facilities is in place at BTRA test laboratories to test various technical textiles [woven, non-woven and composites] along with a well-equipped non-woven pilot plant.
As a continuation of its policy to be in touch with happenings in this sector and cater to the needs of the industry, BTRA deputed one of its senior officers to Techtextil 2005 held recently at Frankfurt, Germany. This publication, based on his visit, explains various textile products with its feature, properties and applications with images [CD-ROM is provided with this publication for viewing colour images]. The products are classified into fibre, yarn, fabric, lamination, coating and bonding types.
This is an attempt to bridge the knowledge gap to some extent that prevails in the industry with respect to technical textile sector.
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Wow ! BTRA - attempting in bridging the knowledge gap

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